FRENCH BATTLESHIP – DUNKERQUE (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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  1. Well capitan phly its time to bring honor to the emperor and japan take the
    mighty Yamato and show to the allies what we are capable of.Tenno Heika

  2. Nous capitulons!

    The thing I heard the most while not playing this ship.

  3. OUAI !!! Enfin un bateau Français !!! Like si t Français.

  4. +PhlyDaily You really need to look at the dispersion of the guns, let me
    say, your shells were missing not due to your aim (Also why other nations
    didn’t use quad mounts, the guns are paired in 2s in the mounts and
    shooting one gun would affect the accuracy of the gun it is paired with)

    Also the French BB has the smallest guns in game right now which makes it a
    great cruiser wrecker, since it won’t overpen.

    Also no the first battle cruiser in the game, Kongo has been there the
    whole time

  5. Bonjour, comment aller vous?
    (Good day, how go you?) Close enough.
    P.S. Dunkurque is a he.

  6. what is the intro song its awesome


  8. should i buy warspite Or other credit maker(dont say Murmansk i get bored
    from it)

  9. Do they scuttle themselves at the first sight of the enemy, or is it not
    realistic ..

  10. The only Royal Navy battleship’s with Quad turrets were the King George the
    5th’s (a ship I’m really looking forward to playing)

  11. Cmon Phly you gotta take out ZE MIGHTY SCHARNHORST next! Or even better:
    Team up with Baron for that one! FEUER FREI!!

  12. here’s a story. The american flag on the moon has been turned white because
    of the high amounts of radiation from the sun. Now the French own the moon

  13. WarGaming hates Italian and UK navy….. just Italian and UK navy did more
    on WW1 and WW2 on the sea ……

  14. Great video Phly! If i can offer any advice, it is usually considered very
    worth it to equip premium repair and heal consumables at this tier (you can
    buy them for silver using the little arrow next to the gold price),
    especially on a premium ship which is going to make enough credits anyway!
    It lowers their cooldowns a LOT and gives you an extra heal as well.
    Another thing, always let a single fire burn all the way, it’s better to
    use the cooldown on 2 fires or more, the heal can repair fire damage
    anyway! Looking forward to more WOWS videos :)

  15. TheGuardianofAzarath

    main problems with the Dunkerque are, all it’s guns are forward of the
    ship, and there are only 2 turrets, lose one, that’s half your firepower
    gone, plus the secondaries are useless, so this ship is defenseless from
    the stern, and the guns are so close together that when they fire, they
    knock each other off target, which is why the dispersion is so terrible.

  16. OMG, in-game chat at the beginning, holy crud!!!!

  17. what exactly is turtle back armor

  18. Upload more Wows please <3 love your channel

  19. Targetting waterline on German BBs is useless, they have too much armor
    there, better aim for the upper hull or the superstructure.

  20. HON HON HON.

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