French Battleship Richelieu INGAME || World of Warships

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French Battleship Richelieu INGAME || World of Warships


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  1. That supertester playing the ship is a fucking noob

    • What do you expect him to do with everyone and their mother trying to be the first one to sink him? People are ignoring closer and more dangerous targets to shoot at the french boat. It’s “Ooh shiny” syndrome

    • I expect him to be GOOD. I expect him to know how to position his ship, how to maneuver, how to use concealmnet and know when is the right time to reveal himself – I expect him to be a GOOD fucking player.

    • Then what should he have done? Stay back and snipe like the Iowa and Missouri? Keep in mind it has worse dispersion and sigma, worse caliber and worse concealment. Not to mention 32mm plate all over anything that isn’t the main armor belt so free HE dmg.

      In hindsight pushing up with a new ship he should have expected to be focused but I don’t think he expected the enemy team to ignore more important targets to try to shoot at someone mostly in cover

  2. Big number of supertesters is bad at this game. WG shouldn’t give that status to everyone who asks. How stupid that GK player must be feeling now. He throw his ship so early in that match just to see Richelieu in action. FeelsBadMan.

    • Ivan TheTerrrible
      This supertester did a great job at imitate French during ww2 (have good guns and frontal armor but don’t use it for shit).

    • Doesn’t help much against HE spam. Half the enemy team targeting him over more dangerous or more exposed targets didn’t help either.

    • On the contrary, WG takes their supertesters in all categories of players to have more accurate stats. It helps for balanced, otherwise if supertesters were only unicums, the ships would only be nerfed at each test…

    • lee chum him,
      This kind of joke is overused. Please find quickly a new sense of humor.

  3. I em not a scared boy

    I kinda feel like that people need to stfu if they see a new ship in game. Spamming the chat asking questions about it useless. The testers won’t awnser. It gets annoying.

  4. I em not a scared boy


  5. May the quads be with you all?

  6. a first look at the new tier 8 french BB

  7. Initial Stats
    Tier 8
    Hitpoints 54,500
    Plating 32 mm
    Belt 330 mm
    Main battery 2×4 380 mm
    Firing range 23 km
    HE damage 5,400
    AP damage 11,900
    Reload time 30 s
    180 degree turn time 36 s
    Maximum dispersion 291 m
    HE initial velocity 830 m/s
    AP initial velocity 830 m/s
    Sigma 1.8 σ
    Maximum speed 30.4 kt
    Turning circle radius 850 m
    Rudder shift time 21.5 s
    Surface detectability 16.7 km
    Air detectability 13.8 km
    Detectability after firing in Smoke
    15.4 km
    Anti-Torpedo Reduction
    Damage Control Party / Repair Party / Spotting Aircraft / Catapult Fighter / Engine Boost

  8. I wonder what changes has been made to this ship, to make it competitive in T8, while having pretty much the same specs

  9. very noob tester ship player

  10. Ohhhhh…I want one! But you can’t stay still and bow tank anymore…everybody just spams HE at you and you burn up…just like that… :/

  11. Go to 3:30 for the actuall Richelieu Edit: The super tester did not show much. Not really worth watching except for the ship model itself.

  12. I think that that was a replay the Richelieu player would not have posted himself.

  13. He dont plat the game ?

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