French DD (Cruiser) 18 Torp hits 175k DMG – World of Warships

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French DD (Cruiser) 18 Torp hits 175k – World of

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  1. and great vid man

  2. yahya sağlamtunç

    could you share your PC’s properties?

  3. Owleyed Perspective

    I enjoy your videos

  4. On one hand he’s excellent at aiming torps and baiting, on the other hand, he took a lot of risks in the baiting and almost got broadside deleted multiple times, he took a high, but calculated risk and it payed off massively!

  5. And then there’s La Galissonnière, with two torps per side… Thumbs up for some mid-tier play!

  6. Another international crew…I love it. French, german, japanese…United Nations on board.

  7. Ironbottom Sound Battle.

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