French Destroyers: Simple Rules | World of Warships

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Update 0.8.6 opens an arc which sees the release of a new branch of French destroyers!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about our new video?
    Was it clear enough?:)

  2. Lol I am watching this video aboard the HMS Belfast right now in London

  3. That jacket just NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  4. Martin Šafranko

    I think the french desrroyers are very balanced, better speedes better armament but no smokes, this is going to create new playstilses, those are going to be rushing dd’s

  5. Yet again, WG going in with the loot boxes… Just.. why??

  6. Sorry, the Mogador part is just too much.

  7. Francisco DeTonne

    Loot boxes are loot boxes. If it’s randomized and people have to pay real money for them, it’s loot boxes.

  8. Every new line release I honestly just ignore until it is researchable, every event just seems like a blatant cash grab nowadays in WoWs

    • It’s honestly disgusting the direction this game is going. I really hope the company goes under, and another more ethical company comes along to improve the naval battles gaming genre.

    • @Viper Leaves Wow dude, I get that loot crates suck but nobody is forcing anybody to play this free to play game. They have to make money somehow and there are not enough whales to go around.

    • @giantred This predatory practice specifically targets people with gambling addictions and kids, which is to be despised, even if you don’t care.

    • @Viper Leaves welcome to capitalism, it eats, shits, and regurgitates addiction. Also, if you raise a kid which steals credit card info to buy loot crates that shows a fundamental lack of respect which is not the gaming industries fault. Wait, I am sorry, that sounds callus and uncaring which is what you have already accused me of, “Won’t somebody *PLEASE* think of the children‽”

  9. Nope, 30 “”””random”””” bundles, aka “surprise mechanics”, nope… not want it. You have to spend, a) a lot of time, b) then and only then anything from 1000 doubloons up to maximum 30000 doubloons (80+ €) to get a regular tier 9 tech tree ship. The only thing useful form this is getting the tier 9 regular premium cammo… And I am not willing to invest tons of time just to have the chance (as this is random based) of spending once and again thousands of doubloons for a tier 9 cammo, which can be bought upon tech tree release for a much less than the average of 15000 doubloons…


    • Yea i’m tired of grinding just to get to where I am (1x tier 8 destroyer) I aint busting a gut just for a chance then I gotta pay on top, the prices for ships on this game is a joke…

    • You do know you get several containers FOR FREE just by playing the directives that reward you with another free ship, right? I understand if you don’t want to spend money, but this is kinda free just for playing.

    • @Karl Barbosa I was talking about the tier 9 which is hidden in 1 of the 30 bundles you buy for 1k doubloons. Plus the lower tech tree ships you speak about are not guaranteed, they are also random dependent on each normal / premium container (as in previous branch releases)

      I was talking specifically about the tier 9 bait hidden behind a big time commitment plus anything between 1 k and 15 k doubloons.

    • @Karl Barbosa reading is difficult right?

  10. I just do not get it … Wargaming. On the one hand you Scream “We do not know what to do to keep people busy for long term, or players come back” but at the same time we get from you ! Tier 5-8 ships for free and then even if you buy enough (1000 Dublons) 😉 Cough Cough Tier 9 LOL. And then later we Research Tier 1-4 . If I already have Tier 5-8 why should I Research the 1-4 Tier ? Logic ???

  11. No way I spend gold for a random chance sry, not worthy.
    Let’s wait regular grinding of Fr DD line some months later.

  12. So again: open RNG containers to get ships early wich can unlock bonuses what can used to unlock an other ship, but based on RNG. ….Back to the routes, back to the RN DD introduction!

  13. Re-skinned content (Directive), RNG or worse Lootbox activity… shame on WarGaming

  14. Hell yeah lootboxes!! Everything I DON’T want

  15. When you need 3 videos 5 charts and 7 separate news updates to explain how a new event works

  16. Simple rules . Buy, buy, buy……no thanks .

  17. I know ther ppl up for it, otherwise you wouldnt make it it, but… spending dobloons on “chance”???
    I think that EU ruled that as illegal, as it’s some kind of gambling.

  18. Sorry, but it’s too much work for just a tier IX. I have college to attend too and I don’t like the lootbox idea.

  19. It’s pretty clear. Grind and pay more money.
    After last event I’m so worn off, that I need a few weeks break at least.
    You made me feel, like playing World of Warships is a job, not a fun, so I’m going for leave. Have a nice day, and f…k. off.

  20. Well done, this sounds violently convoluted; much like French philosophy 😛

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