French Front Guns Power Toulon – World of Warships

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You know how much I love Jean Bart and its front guns placement, and the option it presents. Well these French battlecruisers are somewhat similar.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hello hello 1

  2. Are the turrets in the back of this ship secondary guns?

  3. Odd design

  4. the caracciolo and the seattle were worse than bots, they did nothing but feeding the alsace

  5. Toulon looks like Donkey but a little smaller with bigger secondary batteries and equally mean guns

    • Going by the WoWS Fitting Tool Artillery Chart these are an earlier version of the 305mm with a lot less penetration than Dunkerque’s 305mm/50. A little better than New Orleans’ 8”, but not up to Baltimore.
      Going by this game, not so sure. . . Still plenty powerful for Tier VII one way or the other.

    • @Old_Guard Less penetration than dunkerque, and it overpenned Alsace at the turrets? Yeah i would not trust that chart XD

    • ​@Old_Guardwhen I look at wows fitting tool artillery for toulon vs dunkerque it’s totally different guns.

      Toulon at 305 mle 45 1910 and dunkerque with 330 mle 50 1931.

      It’s also got toulon at about 540mm pen at point blank and dunkerque at about 725mm.

  6. Just because the joke is “cliche” doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    • The French have literally been winning wars for a thousand years before the USA was even a thing so I must say I disagree good sir

  7. Bro the thumbnail is from another match with what looks like to be vladi

  8. your team’s positioning was god awful. Throwing away number advantage when they all clumped up together there while they get crossfired

  9. What a kill steal

  10. 3 differen angles of side armor on bb…

  11. The funny thing about these French front gunned warships is Wargaming mistakenly assumed the guns were supposed to be at the front and actually made them travel in the wrong direction.

  12. I think I’m starting to understand this game now. So it’s not a good idea to sit motionless and broadside 3 minutes in the battle?

  13. chad alsace – you should’ve rammed him

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