French Shotgun – World of Warships

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  1. omg this title, very simple ^^

  2. Way too much HE in my opinion, especially against braodside ships. If I want to play like this at T7, I would just play the KGV…

  3. *La cuirassé c’est moi*

  4. it seems to be getting popular to show replays of low skill with no idea of ammo choice, why is this?

  5. who bleach his own eye after watching this replay?
    RN cancer

  6. anyoone have to redowload wows again because of the new game center update

  7. wtf dispersion again ….

  8. Андрей Морозов

    фугасный аутизм на корабле с ужасно косым ГК. Дизлайк.

  9. couldnt see the potential of the ship…too much HE…Low-Skill-Player

  10. Holy crap that was useless! Please return to posting replays featuring skilled players.

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