Friesland First Impressions | World of Warships: Legends

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Yeet I really like this thing

#WOWSLegends #Friesland


  1. Alexandre Viallard

    Whale be like :

  2. going full heath with this super tanks minigun

  3. What voiceline ado you get for the Friesland if you choose national voiceovers?

  4. Pytor Bagration doesn’t have radar lol

  5. Some say that the Friesland doesn’t have torpedoes because they need the space to store all the shells for each battle xD

  6. Don't start a War with me

    Why do you get a polish commander even it’s a Dutch ship?

  7. i call it a P BAG too…lol. thats all it ended up being after 100 tiers…. floating trashcan. Hopefully the Friesland is better for making coin…i dont want another BENSON…tht s exactly the loyang… jus saying.

    Great Playing Juicee. Great job!

  8. It’s a mini cruiser! I think I’ll use an agile build with Sims to increase the HP.

  9. Is there a dutch commander for this ship?

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