FRIESLAND – No Torpedos but DAKKA DAKKA || World of Warships

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  1. Imagine the amount of cancer we could spread if we could select Halsey or Yamamoto when it’s finalized in this form

  2. 4 mins in and I already see where this is going :/
    This is gonna be one hell of a HE spamming mothertrucker when it comes live

  3. Russian Bias always protect.

    You don’t even know how I wanted to see this ship in action. Thank you, Panzerknacker for showing this replay <3

  4. Yep, that CV knew to steer clear of the Friesland.

  5. Seems like a fun ship. However outside of having dfaa and hydro, I’m not seeing any real reason to play this over the IJN gunbotes.

  6. this looks fun and not totally op … cough cough harugumo cough…

  7. Your captain speak in polish language: Detected Force Enemy

  8. Eindelijk een Nederlands schip.
    Nu wachten op die Project 1047 slagkruiser.

  9. this ship should get a dutch flag and friesland flag

  10. Looks so awesome Dakka Dakka Dakka……!

  11. dat Polish flag… give us Pan-EU fleet already dammit!

  12. A new premium every other day, gee, ya think WG is hard up for cash?

  13. “We dont want to remove BBs, we just want to make them suffer…” – WG, 1941, Colorized *slowly keeps adding more spamboats*

  14. Sure gonna buy this dutch cv especially with those stats!

  15. Este destructor aún no lo veo para pelea a cuchillo contra otro dd buen video Panzer ?

  16. Probably the most boring T9 DD. I almost fell asleep.

  17. Kitakaze and Harugumo be like: How cute…

  18. Seemed like a bit of a ‘meh’ game though. That’s really the best Friesland match you had available?

  19. these ads right in the middle are killing me on buffering – gg tho

  20. dont forget it has NO Torpedoes …so its pretty easy to rush in smoke – WIP – best regards

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