Fritz – German SECONDARY MONSTER || World of Warships

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Player: tom6561
Ship: der Große
Map: Hotspot

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  1. Have fun with this ^^
    btw, started my german channel now with commentary in german….so if you interested or just want to have a good laugh about my german language, your all welcome – check it out 🙂
    thanks for your support!!

  2. Kagero it’s the typical BOT player! He can smoke the Grosse but he doesn’t !! And great player by the way!!

  3. well played

  4. 3:34, i dont know, but, that looks like a bug, look the turrets after shoot

  5. Richard Collins

    main battery just wasn’t performing

  6. his refusal to touch c or b cap circles may have lost thr game. dpesnt look very well played :/ damage isnt everything after all

  7. patrick schwendeman

    do the Grosse’ turrets always get boned like this?

  8. His team was outplayed, most didn’t go for the objective. Only really had one good player on his team. A few most of time can’t carry all of team, but again it’s random after all. He did his best.

  9. Great game. Sorry for his loss.

  10. Warum fallen bei dem Schiff immer die Kanonen aus das war ein bischen viel ?

  11. Still can´t make up what guns are best on mine F.grosse

  12. some of the German ship names were already hard to say in chat and then the French tree dropped.

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