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  1. yeah, good job from him

  2. Took me like 4 mins to note that this wasnt a Bismarck replay

  3. Very bad bb, this ship need buffed, bad dispiration, secondary not effective

    • Panzerknacker i used google to realize the world is buffed so what puff mean?

    • Ahmad Muhammad its great lol

    • yeah, big guns have a price

    • Honestly just giving the Freddy 12 Bismarck guns would fine with me.

    • A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

      Bad dispersion? Typical for German BBs, ineffective secondaries? No manual secondaries, Needs buff? Yes because it doesn’t boast something, it’s just a Bismarck who can own bigger guns, and have more HP :/ so yeah it needs a gimmick, like Izumo it has a bad reputation, Alsace it might be new but is very good, Iowa good ship along with Missouri which is better, Lion well Flamethrower but that’s all the Brit BB, and finally Musashi, it strong I mean T10 that can face T7 I know it’s just a Yamato with pistols for AA and a tiny bit of dispersion nerf but think about it T10 that can face T7, but Missouri was better because dispersion and radar I don’t care about money.

  4. Ein gutes Boot

  5. That chat…. and it wasn’t even a weekend!

  6. Good player for once

  7. i died from the chat. Taking it in the ass is the american way lol

  8. 16:20 the music at the end as it is called

  9. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    German taughness meets a good captain;this is the result…..Enjoy!


  11. I miss hearing these voice of thee captain and do language when u play in ur replays and can u fix that but otherwise I love. The replays. And what. U do keep it up

  12. Worst ship in the line!

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