Fubuki Ranked Ninja! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. I am a simple man. I see Spartan, and I click

  2. Spartin have u grinded down the Japanese cruiser line

  3. Jimmy Ten-Fingers

    The Fubuki is amazing! I was in a match, don’t remember which one but the enemy where trying to capture our base with two cruisers, and with me being the fastest, I HAD to contest it or else they would’ve captured it.

    I stumbled into the cap, and before long, I unleashed a deadly salvo of torpedoes into the cap, the first cruiser which was a Phoenix was deleted and the second one which was a French one I think, was heavily damaged.

    Then on my right, I saw that a Pyotr Velihky was coming out behind an island, so as my torpedoes reloaded, I fired them and I sunk him as well! The cruiser which was heavily damaged decided to say hello to me but I switched to AP and as he exposed his broadside, I citatled him and I basically defended that whole cap, with of course my team of a few warships distracting them but it gave me the PERFECT WINDOW to UNLEASH STEAM.

  4. This kind of reminds me when in one match I was in a Algérie and I was on straight I think and I launched my torps and some Fubuki got to taste my torps less than a minute or two into the match. It was really funny and I killed him

  5. That T-61 player didn’t know how to use that boat, the first one should have hunted you down, especially with two cruisers backing him up. But I’m glad you took advantage of his inexperience and pulled this off. Great blind torp on that BB too. Sometimes I would rather be lucky than good.

  6. SpottedGeckoGamer

    Nice torp strike on that New Mexico Spartan

  7. I wish you an awesome year with great luck & amazing opportunities 😊

  8. Aaaaaahh??…..?!? What do I sayyy?

  9. Hello spartan, enjoying the daily vids!

  10. I got in quickly in cruisers. Never waited longer than 2 minutes in the cue

  11. I had 11+ mins in a destroyer

  12. Awesome gameplay! I’m liking your daily or twice daily videos!

  13. GG, nice practice going through a game without using smoke… Time to use the reload booster on the Kagero 🙂

  14. Absolutely love the videos, especially during the sad times we are in now, these videos always give me and many others a smile!
    Keep ’em comin’ brother!

  15. Nope never seen this one before, you’re good spartan 👍

  16. Got into it last night with a Mahan while I was in Akatsuki. Granted he’s tier 5 while I’m 6, but we were within 5k. I smoked him with 3 salvos before he fired once. After he was dead his torps sailed right past me….

  17. Good content. But not a fan of the new yellow font on the thumbnails.

  18. Man I really hate the Japanese destroyers, I feel they are way too overpowered. They practically go around the map the entire match completely undetected the whole time even if they are like 3km away from my battleship I cannot see them. On top of that it seems that their torps reach out and touch you from the other side of the map. I swear I be in matches where the nearest enemy dd is at least 18km away yet I see a giant wall of skill headed straight for me I mean do they torps even have a range limit even as low as tier 4? The torps they do have they have so many of and they are as quick as rockets not to mention they each hit for a good almost 15k and last but not least they may not have the best guns but they should be a lot worse than they are to make up for everything else OP about them. Sorry for the long rant Spartan I just hate Japanese destroyers so much and whenever I am in a battleship and see one onside of me I begin saying my prayers because I know no matter what I do I am not long for this world.

  19. GG. “Be water my friend” Bruce Lee. Peas love and chop suey, Johnno Bloke.

  20. I was the second T-61 (cyborg35), You had your revenge against me, before that I killed you in your Queen Elisabeth in ranked and later on your Nicolai I in Strait battles ^^ If I had little more health at the very end, there would have been a real duel Fubuki VS T-61. Good game.

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