Fujin Japanese Premium Destroyer Review & Giveaway! – World of Warships

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The Fujin is a new premium Japanese tier 5 destroyer coming very soon to World of Warships. Lets take a thorough look at it in this review and check out how she handles on the high seas! Also, one lucky viewer will receive one when they go live!


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  1. Jedi – nice job on the vid. You do a great job with WOT and WOWS content.
    And since I listen at work my co-workers get to listen, too!

  2. A winner has been selected! Now lets see if they get back to me – otherwise
    I’ll re-draw and find another :)

  3. I want a Fujin because she is awesome looking and very enjoyable ship to
    play which i can not affort to get.

  4. Great review. I would like to have it because i don’t have any premium
    ships and i cannot afford them and Fujin has unique awesome painting and i
    like to be fancy !

  5. I love how it looks. I think is awesome. Also I like your strategy and I
    would like to try it.

  6. Niek van der Meulen

    so one lucker can get the copy of a minekaze for free.
    that is atleast better then paying for it while the minekaze is free of

  7. It would be nice to have a premium japanese DD as I enjoy playing them,
    also for grinding credits and crew training.

  8. Want it for the pretty colours :)

  9. i wish i could win this 🙂
    but i am from asia server tough :/

  10. Hi Jedi, firstly thanks for all your vids and I value the fact you actually
    were the first Youtuber that openly spoke up against that insane bundeling
    policy by WG. I enjoy IJN DDs by far the most (50% of my games played in
    US/IJN DDs) with my favs being the Fubuki and the Minekaze- just got the
    Kagero which is rather lacking and it totally bankrupted me (don t really
    dare playing it now due to credit issues) and so my first premium being a
    Japanese DD would just be perfect :)

  11. Hey AJ, new subscriber 🙂 I love destroyer play too and have made it to
    tier 7 on both US and Jap classes. I am atm on tier 5 with the new
    Russian’s which are a little more technical and kinda boom or bust game
    play. Will send in some replays if you like ? Would love a chance at
    winning the new Jap prem DD……keep up the good work mate :)

  12. I’d like this ship because I’d like to sink ships while looking stylish! :)

  13. Minecart104 MyMinecart

    I want this ship!!! The torpedos are good and the design is anwesome!!! I
    love the japanese destroyer power

  14. Japanese dd’s are awesome ships nice reply actually gave me some tips how
    to play better so thanks.

  15. GL for the Winner and i enjoyed your game play style
    note:- Don’t need the giveaway maybe i will try with another :)

  16. I would love one as my 3 year old loves watching me play ships and giggled
    at the paint on the ship in this video

  17. I need a Fujin premium destroyer because I am crap !! :(

  18. Great ship. I certainly would like to have it just for the paint job.

  19. I would like one as I would hug it and pet it and I would call him George.

  20. Premium Japanese destroyer? Silent, deadly and unseen…. What’s not to

  21. I play my MInekaze all the time, love the ship. Hoping I can get the Fujin
    so I can give away free Devastating Strikes with a sense of style. ;)

  22. Robert “Thunder”

    I like the look of this destroyer

  23. I like those whacky colours.

  24. Great video. Thanks for the review.

    I’m working my way up the Japanese DD line. I always liked the Minekaze and
    think this would be a great addition to train my captain.

  25. Could use the ship so I can afford to reach the higher tiers 🙂 Keep up
    yhe good work!

  26. I perfer playing the destroyers and a premium destroyer would help off set
    the cost of the upkeep and new ships thanks for the chance to win one

  27. Informative and entertaining video – as always. Thank you! And yes, I want
    to win a Fujin too ;-)

  28. The Fujin looks like a blast to play, defiently would like one since I’m
    going up the Japanese tree. DD:s are definetly able to carry games,
    especially in the lower tiers. Just one question, at 19:17 in the vid you
    launched your torpedoes without targetting the BB, is that the replay
    bugging or you just using the force to aim them? :P

  29. I didn’t do too well in the Minekaze but I think it’s because it was early
    days for me and didn’t know how to play it. I’d like another go at it and
    this looks good.

  30. I don´t have any premium ship so it would be nice to have one.

  31. I need this! Need to collect them all :D

  32. I love playing the Japanese destroyers (currently up to the Tier 7
    Hatsuharu) and having a premium Minekaze equivalent as a Captain trainer
    and credit earner would be great. Like you, I am extremely disatisfied
    with the Wargaming reliance on the bundles. I have plenty of premium time
    already. If you compare how Armored Warfare recently did their bundle with
    the Emperor pack, it included 5 premium vehicles plus premium time and
    gold, for the same price as a one vehicle bundle with Wargaming. So, would
    love to have one. Tip for players, hit “P” to turn off your AA, know your
    detectability ranges, and let the dumbass enemy Battleship players drive in
    a straight line right into your torp spread…good times!

  33. Would love to have a Fujin! Big fan of the IJN DD line, and have the
    Minekaze as my no1 killer in the game.

  34. This destroyer look is really fun

  35. Nice vid as always. Can’t wait to try this destroyer out!

  36. I want it because it would be my first premium ship, and i love Japanese
    destroyers and their awesome range!

  37. i need this fujin because from the start i played wow i havent had a taste
    of any premium ship :)

  38. To be really honest, I would like it because of two main reasons;
    First one is because it would “unfortunately” be one (first) and only
    giveaway I got in World of Warships and without premium account I was about
    to give up until I saw a your Video (because with that little Jap. I would
    have chance to prep for higher tiers, earn some silver and generally
    continue playing wow);
    2nd one is that, same like you my favorite weapon are torpedo’s and I am
    born in a city which made first Torpedo, where a person who invented
    torpedo lived and worked.
    I would also (believe it or not) prefer Japanese Ship because not many of
    Jap prem. are out there…
    I dont like anything mainstream>…

    I would genuinely be amazed and grateful if you even read my comment/reply,
    let alone to be one who you will choose as a ‘winner’ (I never got any of
    those things in game);
    But who ever gets it I thank you for your support for “normal” people….

  39. I would like the Fujin to replace my Mini. Just a bit less common.

  40. Great play oake as always and look forward to owning this rather nice
    looking destroyer :-)……

  41. Seems like a good ship overall, with a good paint job. 🙂

    Not sure if I will buy it though, will need to know the price and also if
    its bundled with a load of stuff I dont want.

    However I do like the Japanese DDs so I may be tempted hehe. 🙂 I do like
    the MInekaze, but I cant drive it as well as you yet. Am too impatient.

    Nice vid bud, you are one of a select few that I follow on youtube, I can
    relate to the sense of humour hehe:)

  42. always worth a test drive lol (thank you)

  43. I really dont see the point considering its not quite as good as the mini
    and at 40+ US or about 54 canadian…. well guess the answer.
    I will say that I’m interested solely for the ability to train up captains
    and the xp dealio which I dont quite get. I also dont have a mid tier DD to
    play with so there is that too.
    It’s not pretty but its an honest comment.

  44. The ship sounds awesome and most of all, its the colours on the side that
    make it for me. 🙂 More camo options would be loverly!

  45. IJN DD’s are so fun to play :)

  46. I love my Minekaze. A premium Kamikaze class DD would be a nice crew

  47. i collect ships :)

  48. I loved the Minekaze. I had some amazing games in it. Because of this, I
    think I could do well in this ship.

  49. This ship wil be perfect in my collection of Jap DD’s!

  50. Well I like my Minekaze, and never really used the 10k torps it had before
    (too slow speed) so this premium looks great to me. However I don¨t think I
    will buy it if it is in a package deal with flags, a few days prem time and
    gold, as I find this to be a rude way to force me to buy things I dont¨t
    want to get the ships i do want.
    This might just be a ship I do not get to play unless I win one in a

  51. I never played japanese destroyer, I’m pretty new in that torpedo
    buisness, I would love to try one ;)

  52. I would like a Fujin for its playstyle, I’m a Minekaze lover and the paint
    scheme looks neat.

    That said I’m not going to buy one myself because once again WG can’t help
    themselves when it comes to bundling products. In the NA gift shop it’s
    only available in two $30+ packages that also come with premium time and
    flags. I wish I could get access to their sales figures and see whether
    this practice is helping or hurting their revenue.

  53. I loved my minikaze, this would be a lovely crew trainer and money maker.

  54. Great Video mate, Am absolutely loving playing the Japanese destroyer line
    and would love to play the Fujin.

  55. Hi, I like this ship. I like cruisers more but a good dd would be a blast.
    good video.

  56. Would love to have a Fujin in order to be able to spread a bit of pumkin
    sunshine out there on the battlefield… eu server : Covenant_R

  57. Would like that :-)

  58. C Stammerman (cstamm)

    I like playing IJN DD as well. would love to win one. cstamm

  59. “Fujin” 風人 > is a wind diety. I like the torpedoes. I will be glad to
    receive it as gift. Arigatou gozaimasu! Love from Japan. I wiru forrow yoru
    channeru. Gudu raku! Action stations! Nah in Japan we say Banzai!

  60. i would like a fujin because i have to carry u all the time when we play
    together and my back hurts because of it :)

  61. Hmmmm, the prospect of winning a Fujin. Gosh, it might encourage me to
    actually learn how to play Japanese destroyers properly! Lovely vid as ever
    Jedi, nice one. :)

  62. great looking ship and would even better in my port and would be my first
    ever premium ship, keep up the good work.

  63. I just started playing this game three days ago and I love it. I would
    like to get this ship since I don’t have that many yet. Thank you for
    doing this giveaway. Great video!

  64. Finally a premium IJN destrroyer to train your crew, bonus is it’s a fancy
    ship, thanks for the chance to win one, gl everybody!

  65. I like this ship becouse its fast and has powerful torpedoes which is
    really nice. I’ve never played japanese destroyers so this would be great
    opportunity for me to try it out. Also, It’s a premium ship which basicly
    means that I can earn buch of credits with it. (sorry for my bad english)

  66. I would like a Fujin so I can show my wife that for the first time ever I
    did not spend her money on virtual stuff :D

  67. I also like Japanese DD’s ,and really need a prem. trainer

  68. Nice review , shame you dont know roughly how much this ship will be , and
    i can only hope that it will not be in a bundle of gold and premium time.

  69. I want it, because I want some unique ships in my port, and I love minekaze
    and enjoy playing it, so why not have a premium version of it! :)

  70. I would love to have this ship becuase I have always loved Japanese dds in
    the closed beta and the open beta

  71. what a question! “Why do you like it?” its a Minekze bro!!! give a few
    reasons why not to like it :D

  72. would love it to train my Japanese destroyers

  73. Nice looking little ship, would be pretty good for training up a captain

  74. Stephan van den Adel

    I would love to win this ship!

  75. Great video as always.Got to love the Japan DD’s! torps thats what its all
    about 🙂 would love to add this prem to my ship collection.

    Keep up the brilliant videos and cant wait for the USSR BB review

  76. I enjoy playing the Japanese destroyers but so far only reached tier 4
    (Isokaze). So winning the Fujin would be great and help with the credits to
    reach the Minerkazi (hope I spelt that right!). I also hear above tier 5
    Japanese destroyers aren’t as good or as much fun to play?

  77. Just Sub for yours Channel ,you have nice style to comment i like it very
    mutch!!Wow i think is just another deadly Japans destroyer with very good
    Torps and i like playing Destroyers and this camo is amazing …i would be
    very happy to see him in my Grind !

  78. It’s very similar to Minekaze and Minekaze is an extremely good destroyer
    at its tier. Oh yes, the camouflage looks sick lol

  79. Hey! I really liked the gameplay. I too love the japs for their wonderful
    torps, they do the job picking off stragglers and big fat BBs.. And the
    feeling when you can sink your “teeth” into a juicy carrier with a full
    salvo… mmm. I’d love to have this ship in my arsenal and wreak havoc with
    it. :v
    Have a good day! Cheers.

  80. Well, I’d mainly like the Fujin for that awesome skin, if it comes with it.
    Otherwise, it would be a nice ship to make credits with, as the Minekaze
    class ships are great anyway.

  81. This would be a cool one for my port, tks for the video!!

  82. i love the japanese DD’s so i hope i can win this pretty decent ship !!

  83. Would help train honourable Japanese captains

  84. I want a Fujin cause i love playing DD most. Im from Norway and DD`s did an
    awsome job in WW2 in our fjords.
    I love this game and use alot of dollars and time to read and see different
    streams to get a bether player.
    Please i need this beauty of a ship.

  85. i love using dd’s especially the minekaze and would love to add this beauty
    to my port, thanx!

  86. I would like to win the Fujin because its beautiful and would be a great
    Japanese captain trainer!!

  87. I want one because I love my Minekaze, and it’s a premium one (more credits
    and free training !!!)
    But I will not buy one : it’s just a Minekaze, and I think premium ships
    are less intersting than premium tanks, actually.
    (I’m also sick and tired of these expensive and pointless bundles)

    (and thanks for your video, by the way)

  88. Looks like a great little ship. The bonus credits earned from the premium
    status makes me want to add this little beast to my collection. Good work
    on the video! I look forward to seeing more of you content on WoWS, and
    specifically the Russian premium BB.

  89. Love my minekaze so this would be a welcome premium :)

  90. What a nice paint job

  91. It’s a beauty!
    And thats all why I want it. 🙂
    I very much like japanese DDs, not just for their nice range of torps, but
    for the fact they are something entirely different than anything else in
    the game.. I think japanese engineering really naield it when thay designed
    these things.
    May the luck be with me. :D

  92. I really want this ship because I’m actually going down the Japanese
    destroyer line and it will be really useful for getting the feel for the

  93. Love to have a fujin, yet to find a DD that works for me

  94. I want that samurai warrior !

  95. Great ship, i love the paint job btw

  96. Stunning colour scheme, looks like it’s fun to play too. Also – I’m a huge
    fan of the Minikaze, so would love one of these!

  97. I need you Fujin :-)

  98. Really enjoy the videos. Why I want it? Because I don’t have one!!!

  99. I want one cos it has growling teefs for me to bite the hell out of the
    sharkbait i am up against and make em swim with the fishus.

    I also subscribed to your channel as i find your video’s informative and
    entertaining. Keep up the great work :)

  100. Looks really cool. Wandering if that painting had real functionality or was
    just painted as pinup girls on us bombers?

  101. why would i want one why because it is free

  102. well dont have money for premium or premium ship this ship would be gr8 for
    one more reason is that I use Minakaze like mine money-maker

  103. Has it got 3 or 2 torp ports. watched and seemed like 2. anyways just
    wanted to say hi and nice info video of the fujin. almost got that one
    yesterday but I got the Murmansk instead. wow what a ship. great guns torps
    plus exyended range from spy plane.

  104. Sárkányok™ HaNNiBaL

    I’m Liking Destroyers 😀 But Need all! xD

  105. That ship has a great camo, I wouldn’t mind having one in my port. However,
    it isn’t a copy of the minekaze; It’s a kamikaze class destroyer.

  106. It would be nice to have this monster and use his torpedos :)

  107. I would love this ship – awesome paint job and good jap dd!

  108. why do I want one? look at that camo….

  109. Japanese destroyers are my primary branch, so naturally I’d just love one
    of these. Unfortunately, I suspect that WG will make it only available if
    you buy £50 of flags or something ridiculous :(

  110. Love it it’s a minikaze and its toros are good

  111. Why do I want it? ’cause its a Ninja!

  112. I would like the Fujin for reasons.

  113. Here from Duxter :3
    Why I would like it? Bcuz I love my Minekaze, but I’ll have to sell sell it
    in the next few days to have a port slot for the t6 DD :(

  114. U do great work and i always check out your newest video as one of the big
    10 gamers. I would love to have the Fujin as a destroyer trainer and do
    some seal clubbing a la Norway.

  115. Looks good for the DD people, wouldn’t mind one except it come as a bundle.
    It is out on the NA server via the premium shop already (popped up late
    last week…), but will run you $32 or $38 depending on bundled extras.

  116. I want one because I love Japanese destroyers

  117. This ship looks pretty nice with the custom paint. Anyone know if the cammo
    does anything but look neat? I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this but
    I had to ask. Why WG would come up with custom paint schemes that don’t do
    anything but instead need to be covered up with the standard purchases if
    you want the bonus is beyond me.

    As for why I’d like this: Killer custom paint, IJN destroyer, premium
    credit earner … TORPS. The last one says it all.

  118. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    I want one because of the orange colour

  119. Japanese premium destroyer? Yes please! Love the whole line of them much
    more than the American line. Sneaky torps are just too much fun.

  120. I would like to win the ship because it would save me pennies. Haha.

  121. I´d like to get the Fujin for secret torpedo reasons

  122. I would like a Fujin because i never win anything and right now i don’t
    have any premium ships whatsoever

    i also just sent you a Konigsberg replay i hope you like it, i watched a
    video of yours the other day and you said you didn’t like these new German
    ships, well here’s one I’m keeping in my port for ever! maybe like it
    better then the clever.. :)

  123. Would love one, I like the Japanese DD’s too. Minekaze is still good
    post-nerf. Dunno about the EU, but here in the US it’s only available
    bundled, $31.99 for the cheap one.

  124. yay i’m great with IJN DD’s and need tons of credits!

  125. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I really want to win one of these, since I sadly can’t take part in the
    Halloween event. I can’t even buy it, when it gets available, because I
    can’t buy Paysafe Cards with an European currency, so I can only Win one :(

  126. It’s a great ship, I want one badly!!!!1111 simeka pl ;)

  127. i have no premium IJN, so i need one:)

  128. I like all DD’s

  129. Why do I want it? Cos I want it!

  130. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Cool stuff, thanks for the information and for continuing to be awesome
    AgingJedi, I was curious if the replay exchange we were planning was going
    to be a thing soon?

  131. I could use a Fujin because I am a poor destroyer player and could use
    something to practice with and train commanders.

  132. Oh boy oh boy..i would love this thing..the name brings back memories of
    the a very old game i used to play..and on top of that its a japanese
    destroyer..i love those.
    Please more content on WoWs..great work:)

  133. Alexander Thomas Haselton

    Because it’s the ship with the dragon tattoo!

  134. I would like the Fujin, because, Japanese destroyers are my choice of seal
    clubbing ships :P

  135. makes me wonder whats the point of it then since getting a minikaze is
    pretty easy so essentially they are charging £23 for a paintjob

  136. This would be a great Japanese captain trainer!

  137. Question about the giveaway; is it just for the EU server, or is it valid
    for all servers?

  138. Sneaky shark! :)

  139. Excellent vid as ever AJ. I’m almost to the Isokaze and would welcome a
    good premium crew trainer.

  140. Hi love the IJN destroyers and would really like to be a sneaky old bastard
    in this one 🙂 I’m an Aussie playing on the SEA server so it is very hard
    to troll other players in chat but this ship would be awesome to troll the
    enemy with in game play lol
    Cheers and keep doing the great clips you do :)

  141. It would be a great gift for my brother :)

  142. Why do I want one? Because I am an idiot who went up the American
    destroyers and wishes he hadn’t 😛 Also again another great video :)

  143. i would like the fujin as i think it would be a great trainer for me to
    learn how to use destroyers properly

  144. JimmyRustler_SaltMiner

    Why do I want it? I spent all of my money on tanks!

  145. ooooh dat teeth on this destroyer:-)

  146. Yes plz

  147. I would love to get my hands on a Fujin – going up the Japanese DD tree
    currently and need a good crew trainer (plus a good premium ship in general
    for credit grinds).

  148. I love Japanese destroyers.

  149. I want one!

  150. Nice destroyer – perfect for figuring out how to smash it with my
    battleships :D

  151. This would make a great addition to my fleet! :D

  152. Just love the row fire power of the Japan torpedos.. So fun…

  153. Meh, looks pretty bad… I mean the Minekaze is decent, but this thing’s
    worse… Of course, it’s a premium ship.
    The Minekaze with the 10km torps was great, 7kms not so much. Rather play
    my Isokaze at tier 4 which is basically the same ship with worse

  154. I’d like to win the Fujin because I will like to have a premium ship just
    to get some extra money to buy the higher tier ships.Btw nice videos keep
    up the good work

  155. Why I want to win the Fujin, well I want to spread terror on the high seas
    with my spirit crew of Halloween :D

  156. Would like it because I like the play of the Japanese destroyers and like
    to collect low tier prems :)

  157. Nice vid pls keep up the good work

  158. Like this Fujin it will be helpful to anyone enjoy Jap DD and I imagine it
    will be a decent moneymaker

  159. great video.. i would like to win it also. need a good trainer ship

  160. I would like the ship, just for the nice teeth

  161. I love my Japanese destroyers so I would love to win this amazing looking

  162. I like destroyers :D

  163. why do I want one? It’s new and shiny :)

  164. I’d like to win the Fujin since I need a Japanese trainer and I do like my
    low to mid tier Japanese DDs.

  165. I need a good trainer

  166. I would love to win this Japanese sushi knife as it will be a Fujin good
    distraction from waiting for December 18th… #theforceawakens

  167. I would like the Fujin because – premium Minikazi, what’s not to love!
    Although I actually run the Isokaze instead – so could do with a T5
    Minikazi substitute! :-)

  168. kokoos “Tsunades” Deathmolish

    that was fun I haven’t played this game yet. .tanks takes too much of my
    time up haha. will he to have a pop though I think.
    I really enjoy your videos, unlike Many other ppl out there u really put
    your honest thoughts in and talk us thru your tactic as you’re doing it.
    keep up the good work sir 🙂

    ps mind me asking where you from? just can’t quite place the accent.

  169. I would like to win this as it may allow me to transport cookies faster to
    my house

  170. I would like the ship, just for the nice paintjob.

  171. I would love this because Japanese dds are my favourite type of ship in
    World of Warships

  172. I would like to win the Fujin because I like the Japanese destroyers very
    much and I could need a good ship to train my commander. Hail to the
    Empror! ;)

  173. Looks zippy…

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