Full AA Sims build! Troll the air with a DD! World of Warships

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A great build I’ve been using has been this full AA build for the sims! Here is the build I use and some gameplay showing how strong it is! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Can we get 50 likes?!?


  1. This captain is almost like my Montana/Missouri captain! Only lv2 skill differs 😛
    Even got clear skies and up to 60 plane kills

  2. 4:31 – so if i have a ship with AA like: 6km 300dmg per second, and 2km 50 dmg per second – When an enemie plane is at 1.5km, my 6km and 2km will *not* be added up to 350, instead its 50 only?

  3. since the sims is pretty much useless after stealth fire nerf ,why not. I havent seen a sims in like 6 months on NA. Its so shit due to the power creep and its horrible damage.

  4. Just what we need. More high aa ships.

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