Full Ahead: Black Friday | World of Warships

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You can find Black Friday deals here:

Keep an eye out on the official World Warships website. Your first of call for new ship releases!


  1. Please Wargaming i need this Containers ! Because I would like to have One of those beautiful Black Ships !

    ING: Dogsura
    Server: EU

  2. Could we get a turkey sounding off as a steam ? sound effect with the camo

  3. IGN: Royaleaddis
    Server: EU

  4. Bluestrider327 and the black camo looks great!

  5. Server: NA
    IGN: Jakefromst8faarm
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. is it a samsung or an iphone?!!
    server: EU

  7. Asureas (EU)

  8. Battleship_Tirpitz_Kai

  9. remibf20 (NA)

  10. IGN: ExcaliburBao
    Server: Asia

  11. Hope i can win a prize in this black friday weekend :p
    May be i’m too “black” to win prize?

    IGN: n1T_GnoRT
    Sever: Asia

  12. руслан гаппаров

    всем привет. хорошая акция. RUS_zheleznji

  13. Sugianto_ryan (asia)

  14. Lieutenant Mikhail conde

    IGN: Tc7_GhostSniper_St_Conde (asia) i can’t just use shadow camo i knwo it’s black friday yesterda because it will reduce my luck and my battle results will be balanced both victory and defeat because i am using Z-23 and my favorite ships, iv’e been using Z-23 for 3 years and i’m still spend more free XP to buy premium ships, if i use black or white camo it would be the same too because i embedded it with chance of luck in the game if my stress is reduced.

  15. IGN: DanTDSMC
    Server: NA
    The black camo looks sick tbh

  16. IGN: JamieChang
    Server: Asia

  17. IGN: gnaruto
    Server: NA
    Please I need those black containers :3

  18. IGN: YoungstaNirjhor
    Server: Asia
    *insert random joke here for attention*

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