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  1. Virginia, 55°degrees one day, 75°the next. That’s normal to have a 24 hour 20 degrees change.
    Naval_sicarius (NA)

    • Also in VA, where it’s winter in the mornings, spring at noon, summer in the afternoon and fall at night.

    • +Lo var Lachland That also applies here in Maryland also. Never know what it will be just carry everything with you at all times

  2. The weather is finally starting to get better here in Toronto
    IGN: coolguy603 (NA)

  3. from the UK, raining as usual 🙂
    name lking1
    sever EU

  4. East coast US in Pennsylvania, the spring weather is trying to settle in, but struggling.
    Glad you brought Water to the space battles, less disorienting.
    Keep up the battle

  5. Sebastian Fischer

    Hallo in Tutzing hat es 5 Grad , nickname: Fischmac
    Server: EU

  6. It’s very cold in Indonesian ,i should wear a thick cloth for sure. Missed you Alena ?
    IGN: lamotan
    Server: Asia

  7. Greetings from Germany and the weather is great
    IGN: Falconetic_HD
    Server: EU

  8. from Germany near Cologne , its very rainy here.
    Name: MaxBricks1228
    Server: EU

  9. Thanks WG !
    IGN : Skyred_74
    Server : EU

  10. From the Midwest in the USA. Its starting to get hotter here finally
    IGN: Pandemic1313
    NA Server

  11. Weather is great in Hong Kong
    Id: OverlordTofflez
    Server: Asia

  12. What ? It’s spring already ? Still feels like winter in Germany.
    nickname: TheSirGame
    server : EU

  13. KaugummiSchaf 07

    My nickname is Jannic2005 the Server is Eu the weather is horrible abput 7 Celsius i live in Germany

  14. From Hungary, the weather is perfect! We missed you Alena!! 🙂
    IGN: Schaltow
    Server: Eu

  15. California here,weather is sunny skies and cool breeze,pretty nice here despite it sometimes being hot

  16. Hamburg, Germany. Weather is warm + sunny !!
    EU Server

  17. From France, clou d’y but warm !
    IGN eskaman
    Serveur EU

  18. what spring? it is always summer here in israel.
    name shay_linetsky

  19. Watching form Moscow, Russia, IGN: largewillyman

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