Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of April #3 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!

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  1. While german BBs might seem “balanced” they are not fun to play. Rebalance them in such way that you improve their accuracy at the cost of rate of fire. Thanks.

    Crowarior, EU

    • I enjoy playing them it’s the dam HE spam that ruins them imo

    • +callum millward nah m8. Even french BBs are better even tho they have 32mm of armor. The problem is that WG balances around server statistics and not around player enjoyment. Yea sure, they have good WR and dmg I guess but they are frustrating as fuck to play because of inconsistent dispersion.

    • A channel With no subscribers

      They are meant to be used up close and personal, not a long range sniper

    • +A channel With no subscribers Accuracy sucks up close to. And its not like you will be getting close anyways since its all about long range and HE spam nowadays.

  2. Really want to get the Chance to get the premium Cvs

    Jmda2002 EU

  3. Greetings from sunny Hamburg, Germany !!
    EU: McLord_BoS

  4. IGN: Schaltow
    Server: Eu

  5. PanzerKnacker (EU)

    I’d love to get the legendary Enterprise or the mythical Graf Zeppelin!

  6. IGN: Kcya_QAQ_
    Server: Asia
    25 premium containers= zeppelin&sarpan

  7. Finally I can get the graf!

    IGN: survivingscout
    Server: NA

  8. Alena looks nice today
    IGN : HotShot90
    Server : EU

  9. I think i’m going to buy that bundle, the best investment of my life xD.
    IGN: eltrllexpro
    Server: EU

  10. Got the graf zeppelin in my second fly strike win crate.

    TRACER___ NA

  11. Jorge Carlos Calvo Lara

    Need those Enterprise & Saipan in my life :3
    IGN: Maverick2772
    Server: NA

  12. Good luck everyone in the contest!

    IGN: Cammie45
    Server: NA

  13. The carriers are coming! The carriers are coming!
    IGN: JKgeneral2

  14. Good luck, all.
    IGN: Purple_Buzzard
    server: NA

  15. Good luck all ! Capitaine_Clement (EU)

  16. As always, interesting & enjoyable “Full Ahead”.
    RED_LINE_ (Asia)

  17. STYX - Mobile Legends

    Why buy ships of you can win them?
    IGN: Predatorial
    Server: Asia

  18. I’ve always wanted the Graf Zeppelin for her unique story and design. I love her colors and aircraft.

    Snipereagle23 NA

  19. Here for the Graf Zeppelin memes… love that cv
    IGN: TheR3dRebel
    Server: NA

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