Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of August #4 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!
EU: https://wo.ws/FullAheadEU
NA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadNA
ASIA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadSEA

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Titannic_Battleship_lol Asian sev

  2. IGN: sakis87
    Server: EU

  3. Battleship Gascogne omg so want.
    ING. StarLord1989

  4. I always thought, that DD’s based on torpedos are better than DD’s as gunboats. But after I got the French DD Gépard out of a french container, I overthought some things. Because The Reload Time equipment is sooooo goooood

    IGN: Fraabs
    Server: EU

  5. MrTraxel guessmyjob

    Bayard seems pretty good, but I think I would rather add Cascogne because I love battleships.
    IGN: MrTraxel
    EU server

  6. Seen a few videos about the bayard and it looks like a solid and fun ship. The Gascogne however would make a lovely addition to my port. Fingers crossed. Good luck captains
    IGN: Mytharian
    Server: NA

  7. I am just waiting for the Italian cruisers.
    IGN: Winged_Cat_Dormant
    EU server

  8. Bayard is one of my favorite curiser.Like her speed and firepower
    ID: kazenosekai
    server: ASIA

  9. Bayard feels like a cleveland with speed boost
    Noob120105 (NA)

  10. Bayard looks fun because i like light cruisers

    Ign ConcreteDig

    Server NA

  11. seems not to much intreast in FR dds

  12. Bayard? *Poop* them…
    cataclysmic_gorestorm | EU

  13. Umm, Gascogne is a great battleship
    IGN: JamieChang
    Server: Asia

  14. Talan Carr-Altizer

    Excited to delete submarines with my Russian battleship Moskva.
    Ign TheLongRangeCow
    NA server

  15. You guys can’t imagine how much i would like to have Gascogne in my port. Bayard is pretty good, it tooks a bit to understand how to play it tho.
    Esit_OG (EU)

  16. Can’t wait for Submarines & Italian Cruisers!

    IGN: Ry1
    Server: EU

  17. ID: kir__007 server: Na
    any of luck for me?

  18. the high general derty

    IGN: L123_tyuiop
    Italian cruiser line

  19. bayard mini woster ?


    thats 1 underscore than Nabbo than 5 underscores

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