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  1. What I think about Prinz Eitel Friedrich? It is the worst premium ship I have ever played! I deeply regret having wasted my money for this useless rustbucket!

    – A graphics upgrade like World of Tanks got (I know I’m asking for quite much here)
    – Discard the CV rework in its current form. Despite not being a CV player at all, the rework doesn’t make any sense in regards of realism. I’m aware that WoWS is a rather arcady game but carrier aviation also carries out reconnaissance tasks. And only having 1 flight in the air at a time is way too unrealistic even for an arcady game.
    – more PVE scenarios, even for tier 9 and 10 ships. Maybe some historical scenarios on both allied and Axis side like the hunt for the Bismarck, Operation Cerberus (the English channel dash of Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen), battle of Surigao strait etc. There are many possible historical battles to choose from!

     Der_Besieger (EU)

  2. No CV
    No Submarines
    Wave Physics/Night Battle

    EU: Icerno78

  3. Fix the spotting delay
    Enable disabling pings from muted players
    Reward good aim more rather than strong RNG.

    Lihapiiras, EU

  4. 1. Axis vs Allies battles
    2. All AA guns firing as secondaries
    3. A minimap that shows the 3 km around you while zoomed in
    Captain_Omer NA

  5. 1.: More unique commanders like (Yamamoto or Halsey)
    2.: Night time random battle.
    3.: Better Matchmaking, 2 different tiers in one game.

    Thank you!
    Ign: Schaltow
    Server: Eu

  6. It’s going to Lunar New year xD
    Mu wishes:
    1. Salem will get a spotter plane and legend module. I want to play Salem like Yuro haha. She will be called “Salememe” !
    2. I would have Flint or Stalingrad in my port xD look Fun!
    3. After have 2 of them, I will rest ^^. Yeah, it’s enough for me… Wows always have more and more ships, i want them all, but i can’t. It took me so much time and efforts, even my money. May be try to learn something in real life, like guitar or rubik, reading so much books. Sth i haven’t done in life. Haha^^

    IGN: n1T_GnoRT
    Sever: Asia

  7. 1. Night Battles with flare consumables, and only hyrdo/radar to actually see the enemy or from their muzzles
    2. New lines for researching/playing, I’m finally getting a few T10s and would love to start on a new line from a new country/or country without that line (i.e. PanAsia cruisers, russian Bb’s, more Commonwealth anything).
    3. Ability to buy coal or switch resources from one to another, sell unused game items (captains, port slots, steel, etc.), I play ALOT, my clan doesn;t battle, but I try to play everything i can and I can;t seem to come close to being able to earn enuff coal or steel to buy anything than perhaps the lowest tier premiums in Arsenal. Perhaps a ship market, as in, I have 3 10pt captains, I put one up on the market and another player offers me 500 coal for one captain, DONE…. haha, something along those lines perhaps, trading resources that obviously I’ll never be able to use (steel) for something I can(capt) or vice versa.

    NA server

  8. UndyingSkelabra /Flo

    Funny Ranked Battles.
    New Shiptrees.
    Maybe Division Battles 3vs3?
    UndyingSkelabra on the Eu-Server.

  9. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    NayanRanjan [Asian Server]
    I want WOWs to introduce the following three changes in the game
    1) Introduce a new permanent campaign where players can win Permanent camouflage for Tier X ships giving reduce service costs
    2) Introduce a new feature in the training room by which players can test immediate next in line ship that they have not yet purchased or researched just to know how they feel so that they can spec the captains skills keeping future in mind.
    3) Stop assigning new captains(won or received) to Tier-I ships and keep them free and unassigned as it was in the initial years of the game.

  10. 2 Tier and improved Matchmaking : T10 with T9 , T8 with T7 , … etc and radar ships evenly split
    introducing a large update with improved graphics like update 1.0 in World of tanks
    and finally more maps with night battles
    Server : Europe

  11. 1 – Allow for multiple builds to be saved per ship that include modules, flags, upgrades and consumables so its easy to switch from a Randoms setup to a Competitive setup.
    2 – Ability to display captain skills and upgrades in battle.
    3 – Revise MM again to further reduce the chance T8s get put into T10 matches. It makes grinding the lines to T10 a daunting challenge specifically at T8.
    (Trilomar – NA)

  12. 1. More tutorials
    2. New maps (with night mode optional)
    3. A graphics upgrade
    snuffy_mark EU

  13. Stop Radar and Planes seeing through Islands
    Improved Chat Windows
    Wave Physics
    OldMonkei (NA)

  14. 1. Mission for 8 tier cruiser.
    2. Only 1 tier higher matchmaking
    3. All day daily rewards
    mic203 (eu)

  15. In Game Name: Yogi_khan on NA Server  New Year wishes -1) Night Battles -2) Match marker changed to +1/-1 -3) I would like a Pan-European line of DD/CLs (Dutch, Swedish, Norway, Greece, Spain, Turkey, etc.)

  16. NA server: TheArc Wishes… 1) Skill balancing of teams 2) Less random dispersion 3) No more zero dmg pens

  17. TorchCad30 TorchCad30

    TorchCad30 – NA

    1. Become a tester for the game
    2. Make WOWs community better
    3. Keep learning, improving, and giving feedback for the game

  18. 1. We can give those bots in the trainning room premium ships.
    2. Ifinity Defensive AA consumables.
    3. We can test ship in the trainning room for free to find out if we shuold go for that ship.
    4. Night battles.
    5. +1/-1 MM.
    6. Other tier IX premium ships can get as much credits as Big MO can.
    IGN: Danhvn_1
    Sever: Asia

  19. 1: Improved chat window. Allow us to chat pre and post game. automatically tell team when using consumable. Capability of viewing chat log from the port
    2: Blacklist. allow us to dodge games with poisonous ppl. TKers, botters. Applies to both Ally and enemy
    3: Some high tier 8+ operations

    Pandemaniac (NA)

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