Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of June #3 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!
EU: https://wo.ws/FullAheadEU
NA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadNA
ASIA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadSEA

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call new ship releases!


  1. Vive la France is my favorite. Honestly feel like Marine Nationale is one of the more underrated navies.

    BTW Colonel19

    • The french navy wasn’t all that tough in ww 2 compared to the other navies but it would have a chance against the italian one (probably)

    • @Jure Herman I think it’s a little unfortunate that many people might share your impression of France’s navy during WW2. When you’ve read into the French navy like I have you get to thinking they would’ve crushed the Germans had they only a solid wartime doctrine.

      The thing is France had far more destroyers and cruisers, both light and heavy. Stack a carrier on top (one CV by the name of Béarn that’s scarcely ever spoken of) as well as the fact that many a French vessel was designed to answer most of what Germany had, and you might understand where I’m coming from if I were to say France’s navy likely would’ve simply been too much.

      Unfortunately France capitulated and most of the French fleet stagnated or split between Free and Vichy France, thus making them appear far weaker than what they really were.

      Sorry if this seems to be a rant or a text dump, I’d like to assure you in advance that it’s not in malice.

    • @Commander 19 the japanese, british and the american navy would wipe you out in a week while the italians and germans would have to struggle but they still have a minor chance considering the germans had a ton of subs but the italians have a huge problem with their resources but again a minor chance

  2. Dioporcooooooooooooo Yess Georgiaaa
    The Hunt for Bismark was amazing
    __warpro__ EU server

  3. Well for collections…. I like the Azur Lane Collection the most… you know i like the game.

    Niklas757 EU

  4. Bismarck collection was cool

    Nick: Emperor_Of_Man

    Server: EU

  5. Francisco Lallana

    I liked the Azur Lane collection
    IGN: SolariusDX
    Server: NA

  6. The Dunkirk Collection was my favorite, I liked the civilian boats along with the warplanes.

    IGN: George_Cao (NA)

  7. What is the best collection? Of course the Azur Lane !

    Nickname: Eason1134HK
    Server: Asia

  8. MrTraxel guessmyjob

    I liked the Hunt for bismarck
    EU server

  9. American cruisers collection is my favorite.
    Asian server

  10. I liked the 2 years of wows collection because it gave me a lot of usefull permanent camo’s 🙂

    IGN: Davethebraveone
    Server: EU

  11. I like The Hunt for Bismarck collection the most but the Azur Lane collection comes in a close second
    IGN: JKgeneral2
    Server: NA


  13. Azure Lane collection, the best.
    Uncle_Heavy (EU)

  14. thank you for the useful I liked the hunt for Bismark. game name: tankskiller66

  15. The Yamamoto collection, because it brings a new colour to all my IJN ships

  16. Azur Lane Collection is good, cause im weeb
    IGN : KozakiAnri
    Server : Asia

  17. My favourite is the 3rd year annyversary, because its awards.
    IGN: Schaltow
    Server: Europa

  18. My favourite collection is Hunt for bismarck, because of its rewards.
    gabrielgrzegorz EU

  19. Azur Lane + Dunkirk + Viva La France

  20. I like the “vive la France” collection ! Good luck all ! Capitaine_Clement (EU)

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