Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of March #3 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!

Fly! ! Win!

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  1. UK carriers seem fine. But please do not release premium one before the CV balancing and CV rework mechanics are truly finished.

    lordbeedoo (EU)

  2. Hello from Germany, my Nickname is : zager1_2015

    Watch out for the winner, me 😀

  3. 0-0I hate CV…

    IGN: armies
    Server: AISA

  4. Not interested in the CV’s cause my PC is old and cannot keep up.
    Action_Crash on NA server

    • stop whining and upgrade.. GET AWAY FROM COMPAQ AND AOL!! !lol

    • +Richard Elbe Um, you misspelled Winning because the only whiner on this post is you. I’m sure you can find some cheese in the refrigerated section of your local grocer to go with your whine LOL

  5. okay…i always ride DD. so i dont ride CV lol
    Managementplay_1 ASIA

    P.S. I’m japanese so my English is so drity…

  6. No interest in any of the carriers whatsoever. Give it up and roll back the rework.

  7. Excited for the space battle update
    Server: EU
    Name: N1eon

  8. I don’t love CV’s to be honest but i think they are slowly going to get there
    Server: NA
    Name: Galentro

  9. Nickname:”__Steve_”
    Server: Asia
    Please choose me

  10. i really liked the space battles on the PT, stoked to see it in the real version!
    Id: eltrllexpro
    server EU

  11. I will maybe play cvs after i grinded every other ship line and only after the balancing is done.
    IGN: ButchersSon
    Server: EU

  12. I’m really excited for the next update !
    Wargaming-Name: MaxBricks1228 (EU)

  13. love the game but i dont like the new carrier mechanism
    nikename 87badguy


  14. The new CV’s are not for me. I did somewhat decent in RTS, now I play pretty poorly and not enjoying the CV experience at all
    IGN: rihaddas
    Server: EU

  15. Interesting update for the CV’s but planes have a tendency of being shot down too easily by even a weak AA.
    Admiral3_battlefield: EU server

  16. Not a fan of the new carrier game play but the UK carriers do look good

    EU server, player lovelacebeer

  17. Didn’t  like the update to the CV’s so I sold them offUser name: grubolin_gruntServer: NA

  18. I have got my problems with the new CVs.
    Vykali – EU

  19. Warte auf den T10 Briten Cv/ Kulmar13 eu-server

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