Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of March #4 | World of Warships

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You can find actual deals here!

Fly! Strike! Win!

Keep an eye out on the official of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. IGN: ferpro565_2
    Server: EU
    can you add country flags to the ships?

  2. When comes the ARP Ships back? I missed some.
    Server: EU
    IGN: Cpt_T_Placeholder

  3. What we need? Moooorrrreeeee daka!!!…ehm I mean, more dasha!

    IGN: Shadow198996
    Server: EU

  4. Would love to see the reasoning for the new implementations in game, like the feedback given and the design team’s ideas. Would add some transparency and would be cool to hear a little behind the scenes.

    IGN: TheOriginalMorgoth
    Server: EU

  5. Te amo Dasha..
    NA server.

  6. Prinz Eugen!!!! Yeah!
    Na server
    Ign Awe5ome

  7. hope you can take translators back

  8. Nunca ganó nada ?
    (me gustó mucho los cvs ingleses)
    Server :NA

  9. Prinz Eugen ftw!IGN: GruntUltraServer: NA

  10. My username: 2much4uall
    My opinion of this show: Amazing
    Server: NA

  11. Grande_Inquisidor

    Grande_Inquisidor, from NA server.

  12. Stavros Tsakmakidis

    server: EU Nickname: OloiMazi

  13. Server: EU
    IGN= Rudestel
    I hope I win the event since I’d love to play one of the most famous German heavy cruisers!

  14. Love these videos!!!
    IGN: WizrdBlues
    Server: NA

  15. IGN: SirBorderes (NA)
    Lets test Prinz Eugen!

  16. Como siempre hermosa Dasha!!
    IGN: Neko_Hunter
    Server: EU

  17. willy_462[NA]
    Vamos quiero salir en un sorteo de warships por favor

  18. more ships for coal in the arsenal
    IGN: plv669 (asia)

  19. I don't feel so good

    This show is actually the best of its kind that i know.

    Also the fact that you give free stuff every week, attracts me here like a moth to the lamp… so, speaking of which, you know 😀

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