Full Ahead: Deals and Missions of November #1 | World of Warships

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The first week November! Make choice with Alena!

Want more info? Check out the World Warships website!


  1. Full Ahead !
    IGN : CallMeAkatsuki
    Server : EU

  2. My In game name is MysticalShip from WoWs NA server :). nice video

  3. The most beautiful Alena in the world and the most fun game in the world, World of Warships
    IGN : Kizaruu
    Server : Asia

  4. Of course there are both World of Warships Event, Both Awesome and Challenging Events.
    IGN: Commander_GALEN
    Server: ASIA

  5. I don’t play since several months but still come here to watch the beautiful Alena!

  6. Am I the only one who wants the Submarines forever???
    IGN: Supermartin_1
    Server: EU

  7. Full Ahead !
    IGN : Rainb0wBlitz
    Server : NA

  8. Kubkonk (EU)

  9. Ich liebe Dich Fräulein Aleana.
    IGN Magirus_Deutz
    Server NA

  10. Nick: JoseGuaimaram
    Server NA

  11. Sean De Gray Birch

    Awesome Updates !!!
    Keep Them coming Alena u rock !!!!
    WoWs Rocks !!!

    Server NA

  12. IGN: Cmoi53
    Server: EU

  13. IGN: VanguardActual2 – NA Server. Love the Rivalry of the Beautiful Hosts!

  14. Full Ahead!IGN: J3ricoServer: EU

  15. Nice commander.
    TeriyakiTerry (NA)

  16. Harradren

  17. Kriller70 (na)
    I hope I get picked one day

  18. SUBMARINES !!!! They will fit perfectly. Big thanks to the developer!!!!
    IGN: Terotoo
    Server: EU

  19. Who is this Hockey player? I have not heard of the Hockey thing you speak of. Is it some new game???

    in-game name is (NA) Irishman

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