Full Ahead: Deals and Missions of October #1 | World of Warships

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NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/deals/october-missions-2018/
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/sales-and-deals/october-missions-2018/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/sales-and-events/october-missions-2018/

Premium shop deals here:
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/deals/premium-shop-september/
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/sales-and-deals/premium-shop-september/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-september/
Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. IGN: NicholasX_5
    Server: NA

    Legendary Commander Unique talent:
    “Lady Lionheart” which activates after receiving the “First Blood” achievement and grants -20% to the main battery reload time, +1.0 deg/s for guns with a caliber above 139 mm, and reduces the cooldown on all consumables by -10%.

  2. Username: ncpokey
    Server: NA

  3. With 40 containers I will buy the entire section of the Arsenal… but I will never get a mission to get Acasta ;(
    Nickname: PedroKalavera
    Server: EU

    For Alena, her unique talent could be “Torpedo Boost” for Torpedo Acceleration, which increase their speed in 10kn and decrease the range 10% instead of 20% and “Demolition Master” for Demolition Expert which increase the chance to fire in 4%

    And I don’t know if we talked about special talents like Yamamoto or William Hasley, but I will say one just in case.
    I have one, called “Payback Time”. This one only can be activated two times in a match. You can activate this talent if you get damage equal or superior to 20% of your maximum life from a detected ship, you mark him (with X) and shoot against him. In that moment, both ships will draw a line which collide in the middle like a stare duel for 5 seconds and your ship will shine with a red colour, symptom of revenge, for 3 seconds.
    This talent gives you information of the enemy ship: number of cannons, time to reload them, type of ammo she uses to shoot, same with torpedoes, which consumables has and her cooldown and instant detection of the torpedoes launched only if she launches when you get vision of her. As long as the enemy ship is detected, you have access to that information. If he disappears, you can’t see that, but the talent will keep active, so you will receive the information if you can see him again. The talent will deactivates in 3 minutes or earlier if the enemy ship is destroyed.
    This talent has a cooldown of 5 minutes and has “counters”: if the damage provides from a hidden ship, it doesn’t count to activate it. Smoke screen can hide the enemy and you can’t get this benefit against 2 or more ships at the same time.

    Alright, I go to play, don’t push me xD

  4. nick name :shivamjaat
    server: asia

  5. IGN: Kamanah [SEA]

  6. EU – javierbothazaberar

  7. AndreeL (NA)

  8. IGN: TheIxianKing
    Server: EU

    Good luck to all!

  9. TorchCad30 TorchCad30


  10. CrimpyTax67 [EU]

  11. nick-Thorisin

    Where is Dasha ??? Damnt

  12. Commander Alena should give passive health buff!

    LuminutuRobot (NA)

  13. I believe WOWs will choose something meaningful, but for a long time just forgot BBs and pay attention only on cruisers and destroyers. So my suggestion is pay attention to Basick of Survivability on -15% to 20% and Fire Prevention on 10% to 15% . Because all the pleasure is lost when playing against Harugumo , Worcester , Kitakaze and other machinegun boats.BBs suffer and just be roasted without anything that can be done.
    So welcome capitan Ermolaeva. It will be pleasure to play with you.
    IGN: Dennis_Donchev
    Server: EU

  14. I need those 40 containers i haven’t gotten any missions even though i’ve opened like 20 containers!

  15. IGN: the_nanuk
    Server: NA

  16. Agreed – 40 containers would be awesome!

    IGN : VonHund
    Server : NA

  17. Nickname: troll_gamer
    Server: Europe

  18. ELChinoWoW – Server: NA

  19. DarthDestroyer_2
    After receiving your first kill in a battle reload time of all ammunition (not including consumables) is reduced by 20%, speed is increased by 20%, and detectability radius reduced by 10%. Since this would make the ship quite powerful, make shells and torpedoes do 10% less damage.
    Or, to make it more historically accurate, make it so that you can individually fire off guns, much like how you can single fire torpedoes. This would also make it less OP compared to the first suggestion.

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