Full Ahead: Deals and Missions of September #2 | World of Warships

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In the second episode of new video “Full Ahead” Alena Ermolaeva will tell you about the Deals and Missions of second week of September!

NA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/september-missions/
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/september-missions/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/september-missions/

Premium shop deals here:
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-september/
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/premium-shop-september/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-september/

Want more info? Check out the website!

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  1. Replace the host with Dasha immediately, otherwise i won’t play your game anymore!!!!!!!!
    -Nikarov (EU)

  2. bring Dasha back immediately or I won’t buy anything
    -michael_amadori (NA)

  3. Please don’t fight just make Dasha and Alena share this segment
    Jovial100 – Asia

  4. The main highlight of this WOWS anniversary season is the cold war between Dasha and Alena

  5. Dasha needs to be creative in her revenge

    Player: lovelacebeer. EU

  6. Bring back Dasha immedi….. 😂

    Mauserich (EU)

  7. zafzar – EU
    Captain Dasha is the best

  8. Karandar NA

    WG, you honestly do about 90%right and that is why I promote the hell out of this game, and spend my hard earned money on this game.

    Lately however as a long term player, feeling neglected by your pr and marketing group.
    200% dabloons bonus for ONLY first time buyers…. And the ranked ship bundles that the bonus missions are only playable in those t8 ships andonly in ranked battlles, mean the trio bundle I bought 30 Bonus missions were no bonus at all as I started this season at 16, won two matches in my Massachusetts putting me into t10 ships before having the opportunity to earn even 1 of the potential 420 consumables that were dangled in front of us as an incentive to buy…
    This is misguided and petty IMHO.
    The missions should be open to those ships in ranked or random, and the dabloons bonus offered today should have been open to EVERYONE!!

    STOP going out of your way to alienate the loyal veterans with these kind of offerings, we have done a lot to help make this game what it is today.

    Keep up the rest of the good work you are doing with the game, and
    Good Hunting!


    • wow, I hadn’t even thought of that. I bought the pack of 3 too, not really for the missions tbh, but its unfair to people who did.

    • Well, they’ve already got your money so do you honestly think they give a crap now? You obviously don’t know WOWS very well if you think they would do anything for those who have already paid over money.

    • I would have to agree.. Also having been pushed into the Asian server, spending a fortune and then moving to the NA server to find you can’t use any ships sucks soooo bad I can’t even describe it….

  9. Replace the host with Dasha immediately, otherwise i wont play the game

    IGN- CRYP71C

  10. Sinboto-NA

    Dasha vs Alena event where you have to pick a side please! (go Dasha)

  11. Peter - Allan Laidley


    I say bring back Dasha!!!! tho Alena is cute…

  12. Snow75 – Asia

    yes dasha, bring dasha back lol

  13. Stephan van den Adel


  14. My nickname is Comiwill

    Saludos desde Chile

  15. Dasha is the best

    NA: JohnnyD523WITHPLANES

  16. InfectedDragon (NA)

  17. Yeah … Make Dasha Great Again!

  18. chinobachi NA
    dasha is best commander

  19. We want more Dasha!
    Tizatlan (NA)

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