Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of Update 0.8.8 #3 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!
EU: https://wo.ws/FullAheadEU
NA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadNA
ASIA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadSEA

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Sir Wöhrnen von Wernohn

    German battleships is my way to go
    Ign: Drbernd
    Server: EU

  2. German battleships need more love though…
    Server : ASIA

  3. Jose Lorenzo Mendoza

    Can we have the ijn tone aviation cruiser?
    ign: jlmece
    Sever: ASIA

  4. Still loving my german steel bismarck.
    Server: Eu
    Nick: lemini

  5. WOWS is wow!
    Ign: Demonter
    Server: EU

  6. We also can never have too many skins for our lovely ships
    ID: KetoneFarina

  7. Enjoying the game so far

    IGN: StevenZeranLi
    Server: Asia

  8. Cant wait to get an invite to test out the subs

    IGN: Ozziwozzy
    Server: EU

  9. I really love this game

    IGN: DrobotPrimus
    Sever: NA

  10. I like goodies :3

    In game name: GhilieInTheMist
    Server: NA

  11. I am a BB clonetrooper…
    In game name: Captain_Peterson
    Server: EU

  12. An Admiral’s bounty for this armchair Admiral!

    Server: NA

  13. Server: NA
    Nickname: Davi_Jones_HPS

    I luv it this game great work for everyone

  14. IGN :Necroraider
    Server :EU

  15. I like the new ships coming out

    IGN: Michael_Koenigs
    Server: : NA

  16. Oi oi, where is my Slava and Siegfried at ???

    Server: EU
    Nickname: Termimidget

  17. Love this game after 2 months playing
    Ign: Moaddib
    Server: EU

  18. I’d full ahead into those signals if I could.
    Ign : JeffValentine
    Server: EU

  19. This is the first game I’ve played for 4 years straight!
    Name: Helburn
    Server: NA

  20. When will u work on Linux support?

  21. MuleAZ

  22. “The Armory now has more premium ships available for Doubloons.”

    *Checks Armory*

    Still the same ones as we’ve had for a bit.

  23. Justin James Aday

    Playing this game for 2 1/2 years and still loving it keep it up guys

    IGN: Prankster_001
    Server: Asia

  24. First time entering a giveaway:

    Server: EU
    Nickname: Salacnar

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