Full Ahead into the New Update! – World of Warships: Legends

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Spring is in full bloom, and we can’t wait to share all the changes, improvements, and content additions of this update. Prepare for the new Planet Clash event, a loyalty reward program with plenty of gifts, new Ranked seasons, and more. What’s more, the mobile version of World of Warships: Legends launches globally in the first week of the update! Watch the video to learn more.

⚓⚓⚓ Read the patchnotes⚓⚓⚓

EN https://wowsl.co/3wYQuX9
DE https://wowsl.co/4a1jAUs
FR https://wowsl.co/3Vsjo
日本語 https://wowsl.co/4a0UHIy
RU https://wowsl.co/43tymAH
ES-MX https://wowsl.co/4alNm5V
PT-BR https://wowsl.co/3TsdxRz
한국어 https://wowsl.co/4cqYArA
简体中文 https://wowsl.co/49XI4Og
繁體中文 https://wowsl.co/3PvvWvA



  1. I’m getting this ship!

  2. This. This is the kind of update that should be the norm! Finally another steel addition I can grind for. Thank you!

  3. Karl XIV Johan. Man as a swed it’s a requirement to get it. Although I don’t understand why she has the neutrality band on the bow. Is it some type of Easter egg for the sweds?

  4. @nicolasbalderrin9665

    Already bought the Missouri and the Salem, I wasn’t expecting the Daisen to be in the forge. I bought some epic modules and I spent 7500 steel on them, only have 4k now but so far I’m liking this update!

  5. @johnwhiteaway2795

    About time we had a decent update this is what every update should be normally with more on special updates. Keep up the hard work and keep content incoming.

  6. So far good job on just a bigger update, but we still need more game modes that are permanently in here just to add more spice of a variety, so YOUR/OUR game isn’t as stale which it’s been for quite a while.

  7. @scottharrington6969

    Love the update, great stuff coming been playing over 4 years you guys are doing great stuff with the game

  8. The second Pan-European battleship to be a campaign ship on the next update.

    This ought to be interesting

  9. @dakotah_anderson

    Okay actually this is a great wows update a lot of things that will improve and in total make it fun

  10. Looking forward to that pan-european battleship

  11. Okay I’m not going to lie this update looks great!

  12. Updates like this are what keep the game fresh. Awesome job, dev team! Looking forward to the new commander and IJN cruiser line

  13. @sigmaviktorovich6423

    Great update! Lets go, dude… captian!

  14. The update won’t be bad, but I miss the campaign with British or Russian ships, which we haven’t seen in millennia

  15. A Great update! Keep it up WG!

  16. @attiliosantoro4003

    Ricco aggiornamento ⚓

  17. Awesome looking update, super excited about the new and unique campaign!

  18. @andrewcompton2524

    Honestly this update looks so promising!

  19. Karl XIV Johan was a small battleship design that Sweden took from Germany after the Treaty of Versailles. Sweden then modified it out. It was never built, but it was small.

    4×3 12 inch gun broadside.
    Has four slightly buffed Ostergotland torpedo tubes on the ship, two per side.
    The ship moves quick at 30 knots.
    Has a powerful secondary armament.

    Is a small battleship, so expect the weak bow and stern armor
    The torpedoes aren’t the greatest.
    Has a decent HP pool.
    Decent maneuverability.

    The only con that I definitely know of rn is the small guns.

  20. Like homing shells and torpedos that always hit the nearest target. Or almost always for one day

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