Full DPM Annapolis Is A Beast

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Elrich Der Riesenkonig

    …i still don’t like superships that much…I feel like they don’t fit in the game and unhealthy for game as well…

    • @One ANGRY CANADIAN It may be or not be, but I like to believe that they enjoy bullying all the t9s and most t10s in they re fancy new top of the food chain type of ships. Just watch most streamers, CC all they play is mostly t10s or superships, God forbid you see them play a Gnevny or an Omono,,NO NO we cant have that, gotta bully people because I have tons of resources given by WG. You also never hear them calling these ships busted, toxic, OP, broken, but they will still call Petropavlovsk OP…yeah.

    • *Submarines and Cvs have entered the chat*

  2. Love those giggles PQ

  3. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    although conde is betetr han Edgar, I think Edgar can be more effective, as you can get much closer

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that there really isn’t enough good 4 point skills for Cruisers? I know this isn’t the topic of the video though in a way it is, you get the Lighthouse meme build, or concealment, and if you are a light Cruiser IFHE and that’s really it. Outnumbered is mostly worthless giving it’s activation requirements, the “main” part of top grade gunner is basically worthless as secondary’s on Cruisers could have all the buffs in the world and they would still be secondary’s strapped to tin cans that are overmatched by nearly every top tier Battleship. Radio Location is okay, but not really 4 point good. IFHE is only worth taking on 152-180mm light cruisers and nothing else so it’s not really worth 4 points but because it’s necessary for those ships they take it anyway. AA Defense and ASW Expert just doesn’t really have a place outside of American Lights, and the Dutch Cruisers. No other Cruiser really gets enough AA for that buff to shave off any of the CVs time to be in your AA bubble. Though full AA builds on those ships are silly good against aircraft, still not really worth 4 points.

    Personally I feel they should put Outnumbered and Top Grade Gunner together, make it one skill with both conditions, and mix Radio Location with AA/ASW Expert, then add something like “Smoke Screen and Hydro Acoustic Search Expert” that gives a 25% increase to the duration of smoke dissipating and a 25% increase to the duration of Hydro. As well as port Fire Prevention over from the BB tree. The 25% more hydro duration would net you on average 30 seconds longer of hydro stock, 45 second more with the hydro flag and 78* seconds longer with the hydro upgrade.

    For smoke I’ll start with the British, just the commander skill would give a boost to 141.25 seconds for the smoke dispersion time, seeing as that’s the only upgrade for that it’s just what it would be, but it’s still 28.25 seconds longer of smoke, that’s a decent chunk of time for the British. Pan-Asia gets 87.5 seconds with the skill, so not as big of a buff, but still good as it would put them closer to their reload time by the time the smoke had dissipated. It also wouldn’t really apply to the Italian Cruisers as it’s only the dissipation time being buffed so there would be no real balance concerns there.

    (*I might have how bonuses apply wrong, I’m working under the assumption they apply Ship Upgrade > Captain > Flags)

    I’m not saying this would really do much for Cruisers, but it would likely give a tad more variety and would give Pan-Asia and Britain(and soon to be Pan-America as well) a 4 point skill other than CE and MAYBE Radio Location to take. It would also give the Heavy Cruisers that don’t need IFHE another 4 point skill to consider, 78 seconds more on German Hydro could help them when they end up far to close to the other team.

    Just some ideas, that I know Wargaming would never do, why would they want to have verity in Cruiser builds? That would be silly.

  5. all superships have their ups and downs,but clauzwit and zorky

  6. annapolis,conde and satsuma are the best

  7. Annapolis plays more like Buffalo than Des Moines

  8. I love the Annapolis. I do not have the skills to play her this way, I use range mod and standard build, but she’s quite good in open water that way, as well as in island hugging.

  9. The really funny thing with US lighthouse cruisers running Halsey is you sometimes want to avoid getting a double strike because it improves your concealment. Better concealment can be nice but it reduces the range for improved DPM from Top Grade Gunner.

  10. Citadel Princess? Is that Gronningen you mauled Flambass?

  11. Happy New Year – almost 40K Subs!

  12. how can you have this camo for annapolis mod or something?

  13. yo I was in this video. I was the conqueror. I didn’t even realize it was you who got the 3k exp score nicely done.

  14. I love your vids but I wish they would include a cv. It’s hard to get full value out of the vid when I’m left wondering how things would have gone with a cv in the game. I’m on the asian server and cv’s are more popular than BBs. You can go a couple of dozen games straight with cv’s in every game.

  15. does anyone in the known universe know if wows are ever going to put the Somers back in the game?

  16. Bruh I am the enemy Des Moines, YourNewProblem xDDD. That Annapolis hits differently, the HE made me feel like a Vietnamese tree in 1970.

  17. But Petro is broken

  18. I have to agree, super ships are just too gimmicky and they take away from the flavor of the game too much. I put super ships into the same category as subs and CVs. Get rid of them.

  19. I’m sure these ships, when added to the fun that are CVs and subs, will REALLY help with improving the extremely cautious, “nobody wants to advance” long range meta that’s SO exciting to watch.
    I’m also astounded to see how many videos include people playing GK (who almost always end up with poor results). German BB players have several years worth of very valid reasons to feel screwed by WG.

  20. Thank you. I try to bring some light hearted chat in to most matches. This was indeed a fun match, (glad I didn’t screw up too badly).

  21. Norwegian_Bastard

    i love my annapolis. having been pushed by full HP bbs, they shoot their shot, does some dmg. than the fun begins, with up to 10k ap salvos with 4-5 second reload. than finishing with a burst. killing something with 60-80k hp in 30-45seconds. almost evil

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