Full Secondary Hannover Should Not Be This Good

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Happy to see that game on here 😀

  2. It ain’t no secondary Mogami, but it’ll do.

  3. What do you mean Potato Quality? Secondary builds are super strong! I ran a secondary build on my Hannover, dealt tons of damage with them and won! I lost 14 games after, but that’s besides the point.

  4. German BBs, pushing in, Secondaries Blazing on each side…. a perfect day

  5. Nice, nearly 50K damage from two CV drops. Had to use so many skills to do that to you, position, map awareness, and angling to name a few.

    • Five minutes earlier he was chuckling as he did 22k damage to that “reasonably well angled” Buffalo with 4 inaccurate guns.

      While CVs are quite strong, it’s not a norm to have 50k in two drops for most CVs if any at all. It’s FDR, steel CV with highest alpha damage in game among CVs fighting one of it’s prime targets there, slow and low manouverable ships with large decks.

    • @amaratc Not 50k but a big chunk is very common. In ranked recently I had a lazy 25k taken off me in Duncan before any enemy ships were even spotted. I basically started the game with a hitpoint handicap. Ask anyone here and they will tell you a similar story. At least the Buffalo can hide behind an island or have lucky rng to avoid overmatch.

    • @jimmtheballs it’s unfortunate, I agree, but big chunks are common in beginning before damage saturation kicks in.

      What tier 8 CV did that much damage, and what did you do to mitigate damage? Because if you did nothing then I don’t understand why you complain, it’s equivalent of sailing broadside entire time. But if you did do something, that means that potential damage is even higher than 25k. So now I am intrigued what CV can do 25k+ damage in one run at tier 8 in the beginning of the match when ships are still clumped up for AA as there is no way it will do drops with all squads.

  6. “It can be pretty good as long as the carriers don’t come after you. Or subs. Or broken superships.”

    A truer statement has never been said.

  7. Seeing that full duration combat instructions full secondary Hannover firing from both sides is so satisfying

  8. I was a CV main before the rework, and for about a year after the rework, before I quit the game. Owned almost every CV tree. Before the rework I was at 36 karma, by the end I was at 5. Unfortunately I was a good CV player, which meant I ruined everyone else’s game experience since that’s what WG decided to turn the CV class into, so everyone reported me after each game just for playing a CV. Honestly can’t really blame them. Consequently it didn’t take long for me to quit CVs then soon after quit the game. Sunk-cost fallacy can only take you so far in this death-spiraling pay-to-win toxic game.

    • Wish there were more people like yourself. It’s unfortunate that all too many take advantage of the obvious “pimp play” WG pulled with CVs and subs. “Hey kids, you wanna pony up for an unfair advantage? You wanna play the game and sink the others without getting sunk? Well……we have just the thing for you, for the low low price of………., we’ve introduced protected class ships where you can do what the others can’t and just wait until we add radar guided harpoon missiles, mines and why not……land based tomahawk missiles impenetrable fortresses….think it can’t happen?……..you think guided torps were fun well you’re in for a treat!” Words can’t describe how much less fun the game is when either is present. I see a sub, I just head for the other side. If one decides you’re it’s target, you’ll spend 10 minutes dealing with it since they outrun your ASW and for some strange reason, can appear up your ass even with HYDRO enabled. Go figure. CV players just target the ship with the best AA and get rid of them early…..because they can. FFS, at least give the player base the option to not have them in their matches. That would make too much sense though and we can’t have reasonable thinking among WG staff.

  9. “This type of play should not be in this game in 2023, secondaries and brawl are not the optimal ways to have fun ! Here are CVs smoke and sea mines to make the game funnier and playable”

    – some Wargaming employee

  10. Cool video, would have liked to see the damage ratio between main- and secondary guns.
    And I cannot help be pissed off at that CV strike.

  11. Lucky you PQ, that Austin is a good unicum player. If only you had a 39% animal austin tho lmao

  12. CV and SS are basically the cancer for the game.
    I mean, these classes are killing player’s patience and the game itself, but WG just have no way to remove them.

    • Yea they do, they could just give us the option to play a mode with gun platform ships only. But then the sub and cv players would be angreee and not spend as much money. Wargamings own fault.

  13. When Satsuma and Hannover were added to pts, i did what i normally do, use the Free XP they give you and, buy Kremlin and go sealclubbing…at tier 10.

    Very first game, too over half the health of the enemy Satsuma from around 15-20Km as i duelled him, he stood no chance….

    Then pushed and brawled a full HP Hannover, he died, he stood no chance,

    Satsuma and Hannover reflect their T10s accurately, theyre fairly good and AWFUL respectively xD

  14. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    PQ, what’s your opinion if WG were to give the original German BB line the secondary combat instructions?

  15. Hey PQ I was the Austin that game, thanks for carrying me lol. I fully admit to doing very little early game in that one but it was also my first game in the ship so I don’t blame myself too much, gg though it was a fun one (felt great killing those 2 btw)

  16. You can have a good game if no cv’s come after you, or subs, or HE spamming cc’s, or torp spamming dd’s. Yep, a good game can be had.

  17. So… managing your hp perfectly all game leaves you with ~40k hp. Two unforgettable drops from a single set of planes and you’re dead. They honestly have just killed their own game for no good reason…

  18. Hanover seems to eat so much dmg

  19. Just a thought that came about watching this video. BBs usually have multiple calibers of secondary guns. Shouldn’t each type of gun have a different range? A 6in gun should have a range of up to 23km if you were to use the 6″/53-caliber gun. shorter for a 5″ gun and a 4″ gun. There should be multiple engagements ranges on the secondaries. Makes it more dangerous the closer you get. At 15-20km you would only have large secondaries engaging which is usually very few and then at 12-14km you have 5 in guns engaging and the closer you get the more smaller guns engage, down to 4″ 3″ and 2″. Would make it much more dynamic and interesting then all guns at X range. Layered defense just like the AA. Which since AA has multiple engagement ranges it means the secondaries can have that also.

  20. just had a game like this 2 love han

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