Full Tank Build Preussen – 4.5 Million Potential Damage! – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the shortfall in how WG rewards the player especially given your currently considering being a community contributor. While I don’t believe one person will be able to sway WG, I feel like since the CC exodus they have made changes to the way they interact with the community. I feel like a real argument could be made that alongside introducing Derby, a mode that relies on BB’s tanking damage, that WG could expand on the way a player is rewarded for situations where they tank over 1.5m. The same argument can then be made for spotting and for smoking teammates/teamplay. In my opinion, This would give many classes and ships more flexibility in the way a player progresses through a ship line and would help balance ships that have been power crept. Players should be rewarded for teamplay and teamplay is more then just damage. In fact it could actually be a fix for submarines if they were useful for more then just their torpedoes (Imagine if you gained a buff when shooting at a target being primarily spotted by a sub). Perhaps you could test the waters with another video; I’d watch it. Cheers.

    • I think this may be pushing it, but make it so that the ‘ping’ does something for friendly allied ships too.

    • Sure, it probably is too much however my angle is more that for the majority of classes it feels like the designs of new ships all have to do damage to be useful for the player to be rewarded. This gives you never ending power creep. If WG can introduce ways that classes are rewarded despite not doing lots of damage and encourages team play we might see improvements in games. My 2c anyway, I don’t claim to be right.

  2. Debanjan Bhattacharjee

    i think its not uncommon to get 4.5m potential on a gk when noone is shooting he . without he spamming , gk or this one ,is very tanky ship . yes u will take damage from ap but its nowhere close to burning by a hindi or a smolensk or any other he spammers all the time . check this build when u r playing against those ship.

  3. Nearly 6 mil on my Petro.. Not my proudest game when it comes to damage (curse you, dispersion!) but damn, I bow tanked 6 ships all alone on a flank for 7 minutes.

  4. playing this build without sacrificing detection like you from day one and with protection to main battery plus preventing maintenance as i build it same as my fdg to make it even tankier. I cant see any other way to play it and if i want secondaries i m taking my gk or even sclieffen tbh…

  5. I think instead of manual secs for this build, AR and PM would be better, get more dpm out of AR and your turrets wont break as often with PM seeing as these turrets are rather weak

  6. Problem for bbs are fires that do to much dmg IMO.
    Wg should reduce the dmg of fire.

  7. I don’t pay too much to potential damage – what does it actually do for you?
    My fav ship is Massa (not got many tier 9&10s), and I specced out of secondaries when they were nerfed, to tanky build and haven’t changed back yet – as long as you don’t get into difficult battles against tier X BBs or mega HE spammers, it can be pretty tough and fun!

  8. In my opinion, a Hybrid build with Aiming systems mod and BoS in the place of AR is a pretty legitimate way to play the main line German BBs, while running FP and CE.

    A pretty solid build that has patches up the Fire weakness, while still keeping a good reload on the main guns and 11km secondaries, it is very well rounded for something as big as a Preussen.

  9. i gave up completely secondaries on mine, so i got concealment expert, and since german bbs got a really bad torpedo protection AND maneuvrability, i use vigilance (with von jutland which gives me a better version of it). Finally i use AR instead of the healing cd perk, (the faster u shoot enemies, the faster u can sink em and have less to tank)

  10. Got my potential damage record of 4.7 mil stopping a flank in a Slava of all things. Was amazed it lasted so long.

  11. This shows how much you need your secondaries. That colombo was asking to be farmed.

  12. “I’m Playing very aggressively on the H-10 line” LOL

  13. One game isn’t a worthy sample size, but that Colombo wouldn’t have survived a secondary bombardment long enough to do the damage he did to you that whole game I feel. Impressive nonetheless!

  14. Honestly, I use the full tank Ohio you showed for CBs and I love it

  15. I love this ship I just keep it at full secondary that’s how I love mine!

  16. Could you give us build recomendations for Ranked and CB?

  17. Guess i would prefer Adrenalin Rush instead of the secondary acc. Would Help to do even more damage in this good reload time 🙂

  18. Great vid, would love to see a follow up after more games with new build

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