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  1. well, Yamato might have hit that Tirpitz first, but how many hits were on this salvo? “Just one citadel doesn’t make 64k damage 😉
    But very nice start, poor Tirpitz…

  2. I cant wait to see if there’s a yamato detonated Misery:)

  3. Hacker…

  4. Damn, that shot.

  5. bäm hats gmacht!

  6. All skill, no RNG

  7. I’m just waiting for the day we see a replay of Hood detonating the Bismarck.

  8. There goes the second pride of the Kriegsmarine, such skill you have there

  9. it was me… was feeling sorry for the poor Tirpitz. sent open channel message later “sorry about the fin and engaging gameplay…” I think I just wasted all my luck points until next year?
    While Tirpitz has great armor, the famous turtleback does not grant immunity to long range plunging fire. Got a citadel on one before with Nagato, for example. But it was my first time to see one detonate…

  10. one shot,one kill amazing

  11. Not using premium consumables when playing the Missouri 🤔?

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