Funny and Epic World of Warships RNG FAIL Compilation

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Speshul WoWS compilation of funny and Epic moment is back.


  1. Boke Flying Simulations

    New compilation while having breakfast… Gud start of Sunday xD

  2. Sometimes, even Yama needs to load HE. RNG fucks me over all the time.

  3. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    2nd clip: Salem does not know Yamato 18 inch can OVERMATCH armor.

  4. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I had hoped we’d get to see the perspective from Flambass as he watched Trenlass throw his brawl match against Flamu.

  5. New compilation when Flambass has the next kraken. With this playerbase maybe we have to wait a little

  6. 51 shells 5 actual dmg hits daumm

  7. KLEBER got detonation without hit! just like flooding in friendly fire or you can set enemy ship on fire without penetration.
    and YES! we can detonate friendly ships with guns without making him any damange. critical hits are not included in friendly fire protecion mechanic.
    more unlogic conditions is more understending of mechanic of the game.

    • Remember in real life naval battles there are records of disabling turrets with a non-penetrating shot, causing floodings with near miss aerial bombs, and detonations of an entirely undamaged ship with 1 torpedo hit.
      So yes, lots of unrealistic conditions in this game, but getting detonated without scoring a direct hit or setting fires without penetrating is entirely possible.

  8. the hell happened to the CV at @14:52? did it detonate and the game decide to undo that?

  9. 3:55 How many times has that happened to all of us! I feel for you Flambas! RNG is the most broken thing in WoW!

    • Bro. Wanna see someone having to deal with rng all the time? Watch me play BBs constantly single hits and rest bounce or miss. Playing my Alabama or JB, used to play BBs all the time but slowly this crept up on me after I got my JB. Now the game won’t even let me hit anything when playing the Alabama.

      Even worse, 3 pens only 4k damage. Tend to have a lot of games with 19 hits but only 25k damage

    • @jason Cramer I feel you sir. I still maintain that RNG is the most broken thing in WoW. I have had those games WAY too many times. I think dispersion is OK, but needs some kind of damage to range modifier that’s better that what is now. In other words, close range broadsides should reck a ship. But often it does not. It is when your shells connect to the ship that is really what is broken. Hope they see that and fix it someday.

  10. The moskva scene I laughed my bum off 😂

  11. SMH! Those Yama salvoes were fecking RIDICULOUS!! That genuinely took the piss.

  12. 10:46 no hit detonation lol

  13. CesarinPillin Gaming

    When some idiot says “There is no russian bias, the ships are balanced” You just have to show him 7:00 for the finest “Stalinium” armor + “hand of lenin” magical RNG shield.

  14. I swear that’s my rng in most bbs. Legendary yamma or thunderer just whole games of 33% max accuracy aim for citadels on a CV miss high
    And dont say learn to aim I get triangle dispersion where 1/3 I’d lucky to hit a broadside bb

  15. The DQ gene is strong with this one.

  16. +1 to the editor.

  17. Love these as they make me laugh again and again as I see I am not the only one that suffers in this game. 😉

  18. Last kill in this vid didn’t fire back…sus!😆

  19. I think the biggest travesty is the RNG programming on the map border. It would be a neat experiment to take a long ranged ship, hug the map border, and see how much potential damage one could survive over a series of matches. Sometimes the best defense is to just rub the map border. How that is still a thing in the game at this stage of development is amazing.

  20. Many people don’t know RNG doesn’t actually mean “random number generator”. It means “russian number generator”, comrades!

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