Funny World of Warships Compilation #75

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Long awaited and anticipated World of Warships funny compilation is here and back.
I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. WG really needs u in DEV Team.
    Have Fun.

  2. I think I’ve seen most of these, but they never get old! LoL

  3. I sometimes like to play the same ship until I get a win in it. Went 0-8 recently, too many noobs dying to quickly to make up for. Finally got a win on the ninth try. Was wondering what your straight loss record is?

    Still love your compilations, they are a laugh riot.

    • Mine is 10 loss

    • boristhebarbarian

      14 losses but that was when i was grinding missions and had only 1 day to complete. I think it was for shipyard. That means screw team and get missions completed to get that free ship. Sometimes those things are harder to complete in Coop then in randoms. Blame WG…….

    • My worst was two games lost in a row

  4. Citadels bakers dozen lmao
    Flam singing a dolly parton song that was unexpected

  5. I always love these!

  6. Mr. Örtzknörtz

    best part has to be the one with chaos machine

  7. Flassbass, you never get old, always makes me laugh 😛

  8. Sometimes WoWs pain is real LOL

  9. The funniest shit ever seen in WOWS Streams 😀

  10. 5:56 Cat up in the corner is like to Flambas in great pain “What again? I told you so.”

  11. I play radar Chung Mu sometimes because it’s great counter play against torp boats. you get a bunch of Russians or Frenchies, you’ve just played yourself though.

  12. The “Leave my submarine alone” comment was epic =)

  13. Best content on the internet!

  14. 3:41 I feel your pain. Happens to me more times than I like while playing UK dd of all things. The stealthiest dds in the game and I stumble upon open sea torps all the time.

  15. Those Finding Nemo gulls screaming “MINE!!” were just perfect! 😀

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