Funny World of Warships compilation – Episode 26

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SPESHUL is the way to start Sunday, speshul is the way of life, speshul is for everyone.
New episode is out and hope you like it.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. My favorite part of the day!!!

  2. 1:15 You see wargaming? This is what *should* happen to DDs when they get ass blasted by a BB. They shouldn’t just shrug it off like usual 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    • dzello lmao it makes no sense for DDs to rush my BB and shrug off a salvo or 2 when their torpedo salvos can essentially one shot me or at least melt my ship down so someone else can one shot me. Rush me with a DD and I fire 9 semi trucks at your broadside and the majority connect, you better get blown out of the water where you stand 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @Ryan Patton Well, seems like you don’t know how balance works. Destroyers used to be oneshottable, they removed that because it was super fucking dumb lmao. The fact you don’t grasp how dumb it is is very saw, however.

    • dzello lol you’re getting pressed and that’s sad. Maybe you should learn to not get close to or charge BBs like you probably already do 😂

    • @Ryan Patton I play battleships and you’re still as wrong as you were earlier little dude. Like I said: you’re kinda dumb to not understand why citadels were removed from destroyers.

      Not just that but you’d be the FIRST to tilt the fuck off if they put citadels and such back because there’d be a 50/50 chancew that your destroyer dies INSTANTLY in 1 minute from a battleship salvo and then you’d get ran down all game and cry from their destroyer (who’d be perma invis) lul.

    • dzello keep being pressed kid keep being pressed 😂

  3. “Monkey is a spotty fat kid that sits at his computer all day” llooooll gold

  4. lol, once had over 2million potential in a stock omaha

  5. I lolled all the way through. Best compilation so far haha

  6. Literally the only video out of my subs where I have to play with the volume due to the static interchange between clips. It’s so much more profound than your actual voice audio in the video 🙁
    Lucky I enjoy your content more than your editing <3

    • Same here. I like the content and some of the other audio bits, but the damned static ear-rape makes me just turn off the video and not watch it. I don’t know why it seems like it’s the only GD transition the editor knows.

    • that outro is so god damn loud as well. still love it though

  7. The hammer approves of this. I really love your compilations

  8. @12:52 literally made me laugh out loud. You are the best, Flambass 😀

    • Having watched his first Charity-stream and now watching the current one on VOD… Of all of Flambass’ stages of grief, “Denial” is always lasting the longest *by far*! 😀

  9. 13:53 reminds me, we need a 3 horseman video so we can bet on how quickly Monkey dies.

  10. Loud static filled transitions are the only parts of these videos I hate. Don’t know why we gotta punish our ears!

  11. That Outro get’s me every time 😀

  12. Telling this all my life, pink looks good on everybody.
    Thats why i always try to sink my own teammates.
    It`s all about awareness, just step over the hate you get by the unaware.

  13. flambass
    i will cut the quaken part and make it my ringtone for my phone
    can I have ur permission

  14. 6:50 Welcome to real life Flambass. Awhile back I had a fully broadside reversing Mogami at 5km while playing Bismarck. I went waterline, centre mass firing all 8 guns and still missed with every shell.

  15. 1:17 WHAT! a Fuso getting 8 hits on a dd 10 km away? Why is it when I play that ship my shells go everywhere but where the ship is.

  16. I love this compilations, but few observations as usual.
    Transition audio is a bit too loud this episode (at least for me).
    Also that keyboard and mouse thing is kind of distracting.
    Otherwise good stuff as always.

  17. “Quuuuuuacken!” – love it

  18. I’m happy that I’m not the only one seeing volley’s land 3 feet in front of the waterline I aimed at. Why does that happen!?

  19. Pink hair? Well, now it’s official: even if his weebiness is fan-instituted, he is still become The Weeb.

  20. “They’re shooting at me!” “Well shoot BACK!” LMAO!

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