Funny World of Warships Compilation – Episode 58

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Another World of Warships speshul compilation of funny moments, epic plays and funny fails.
I hope you have fun watching and enjoy the video.

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. Antonio Saavedra A.

    We need a compilations of the best chat comments. This people come with the best, most insane and hilarious comments I’d seen in a while.

  2. WeeGee needs all the intelligence we get in the game mode.

  3. Wait this thingi Was 15 min long ? It felt like 1 minute GREAT work again super entertaining keep up

  4. never stop with the quacken outros

  5. “I don’t have pipi” well, we all hoped so!

  6. No one in the world has enough intelligence to keep up with WarGaming’s master plans :V

  7. To unlock the super BB’s, you need a certain amount of ‘intelligence’.
    Makes perfect sense that WG considers ‘intelligence’ as a rare resource.

  8. “I don’t have pipi.”

    -Flambass, 2021

  9. 9:32 so WG still pretend they listen to feedback, huh? I wonder if there’s even a single person left in the world who believes them.

    • David Carpenter

      Probably, a few people do. But, I don’t know if they know of any the shenanigans that WG had pulled in the past few years.

  10. Imagine how confused that hindenburg was, seeing a smoking richthofen charging him down.

  11. First thing I thought when I saw Jervis was “the torps won’t reach”. I wasn’t completely wrong.

  12. 10:00 Red Baron asserting dominance by pushing ahead of their friendly BBs

  13. These compilations always put a fat smile on my face,
    keep on quacken dude.

  14. Reftous Warships

    intelligence would be a rare resource in this game wg just kinda came out and said it lol

  15. You must have enough for a Kraken compilation now.

  16. 9:00 I feel real bad for Mr. Conway. I used to have hair that bad when I was a kid in the 1980’s and my mum cut it for me

  17. Calling a lemonade “PIPI” in Germany would be a nice marketing trick 😉

  18. Рангел Кочаров

    WG devs have so much Intelligence they are giving it away lol

  19. ChatIsClosedNow

    POV: your favorite line is when Flambass says “KWAKENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!”

  20. 8:06
    Playerbase: eArN iNteLLiGence

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