Funny World of Warships Compilation – Episode 59

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Speshul compilation is back with more World of Warships. More great plays, epic fails and everything in between with ofc a lot of facepalm moments.
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I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)

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  1. 5:50 “CONWAY of evil” you mean Convoy? 🙂

  2. That guy at the end made my day lol

  3. the shot on the midway was priceless :D:D

  4. Gotta love that message at the end. Want some salt with your salt there buddy?

  5. this is all I needed on a sunday afternoon , thanks hans .

  6. Just FYI, this vid has 1 dislike so far, probably from that salty noob-calling Chapayev. 😀

  7. TrueFireMessiah

    10:25 your Kong roar is high quality and unique.

  8. ranked…..the mode that attracts the pinnacle of human evolution

  9. Antonio Saavedra A.

    The toxic radioactive saltiness of that player! Love it

  10. btw….. F!SHBONES profile is private

  11. 2:03 Well, the good thing about having 4 fires is that you cannot get any more ..

  12. The last guy was clearly Trenlass trolling Flambass with an alternative account

  13. 9:50 know what bothers me aswell? The Gearing saying sry even though Mino……
    that “double”-quaken at the end <3

  14. The ending is so toxic it make me laugh

  15. That ending wtf. XD he should go to detox or Anonymous Salty Shipplayers or something.

  16. David Carpenter

    Wow. That player at the end. I thought the toxic salt could not get any worse.

  17. Oh man, I have a screenshot folder full of fanmail like that guy from war thunder.

  18. OMFG that ending was amazing!

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