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  1. I miss the ships regular games from Flambass. Surprisingly entertaining to watch, especially when he’s being tortured by the team or team comp, but feels like been weeks if not over a month without em :*(

    • There is so much BS his head can tolerate from both this game’s current meta and player base. He’s trying his best to cherry pick the funniest clips because that is how much the quality of life in playing this game has declined. Best Replay channels also struggle to come up with the best clips. As recently as 2020 you get a couple of 5 kill and win replays a day per channel. Now you get the same amount in a week. Now they feature losses but high damage just to find content for their channel.

    • Hey bud, I hear you. One of my favorite things is when I get a Flambass and Jingles video in the same day. If it’s a Monday, I know my week’s going to be good. Take care.

  2. sometimes i hate these Playerbase 😀 and then your video comes and made my day

  3. I’m calling that 5 minutes and 3 seconds “Malicious Compliance”

  4. hahahah “I’m lossing my minddd” love it 😂 6:13

  5. I hit the like button on, “shame. shame. don’t look at me chat”, because it makes you more relatable.

  6. Following you since 2016 , keep up that spirit champ!

  7. As always, its a joy to watch. Thanks for the laughs

  8. I was greedy. – Shame. – Don’t look at me, Chat. … The self-awareness is strong in this one, young Padawans. 😉 Yes, we are entertained !

  9. Another good job Trilomar!

  10. Sits still for the Immelmann…
    “carriers, am I right?”

  11. this “quacken” and “jackpot” combination at the very finish is the best invention porn industry has ever made

  12. 1:00 i was almost out of my chair laughing all the way LOLZ

  13. That lone kamikaze though… LOL
    “Tenno heika Banzaiiiiii!!! Splat.”

  14. That Roon reminds me of a game just yesterday. We suddenly spot a DD only 3.5 away on the other side of an island moving like a bat out of hell. We keep thinking he’ll turn but no it’s a French DD hell bent on doing something. So as he comes barreling past the island edge I’m sitting with my guns aimed and take half his health on the first shot and knock out the torps. Other cruiser pile on and I reload just in time to get the kill shot. He did virtually nothing with the torps out having to repair means toothless.

  15. The Santa MC sucked immensely this season for me. I got more credits and econ stuff… didn’t need it

  16. I did 20 mega creates and got two 180 day premiums, GK, Yoshino, Belfast, Alvero, and Warspite. Not too bad of haul considering 4 of the ships were on the less then 1% level

  17. That St. Vincent dissolved like a St. Sugar Cube.

  18. I run a secondary build +rpf roon with double rudder mod just to do exactly that 😂

  19. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    11:15 As i always use to say: Too stupid to be predictable. Discribes accurately a sizeable chunk of WoWS playerbase.

  20. 00:50 Wargaming should insert a screeching noise when you dodge torpedos like that – there is no paint left on the sides of his DD. ^^

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