Funny World of Warships – Episode 55

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Speshul compilation with World of Warships is back and brings all the joy and salt with it as usual.

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)

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  1. Sunday morning sorted, thank you Flambass

  2. Gearing detonates: Instant karma!

    • the germanz again: sey are zinking, sey know it best and sen sey are sinking. What are you sinking, the ship is sinking?

  3. you would have killed that Smolensk with SAP citadels @ 8:01

  4. That DM is living a hell of a charmed life. Yamato volley lands everywhere but on him, then that next volley does exactly the same thing immediately after, leaving the DM completely unscathed by two fairly substantial volleys fired bang-on at it.

  5. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Gearing got the big Karma fist in his face.🤣

  6. Flambass activated skill: LA REPORT OF DETONATION

  7. Thank you for making my Sunday happier!

  8. Sunday morning hearing kraken …ohhh wow it feels perfectly good

  9. Editor, it’s nice seeing your skills improve over these episodes! Flambass, keep being hilarious!

  10. That Gearing is the overconfident kid who think he’s the smartest in the class but everyone treat him as a clown. If he want victory so desperately he should bring detonation flag in a competitive rank game.

    • … unless he didn’t have any, but, well, the game at least solved that problem for him 😀

    • @Th. K. They are prtty cheap in the Armory. about 1 or 2 mill for 10 or 20 of them.

    • @Mathew Long ok, wasn’t aware of the price. I don’t buy any flags in the armory because I’m only a very casual player who only plays random battles and coop (amazing how often a team can get its ass kicked by bots nowadays btw lol). and since you get, what, 5 or 10?, det flags after you detonated, I wouldn’t bother spending money on them anyway – though I admit that’s probably a very careless thing to do when you play a dd in ranked 🙂

  11. I have watched so many full volleys split perfectly n miss them completely!! I know your pain!! Keep up the great times

  12. 6:13 Can you even die faster than 2 and a half minutes? Its not possible right?

    Random battle DDs : *Observe*

  13. Torped Austin at 1:53. That speechless expression was priceless.

  14. “Curb your RNG”, is what these videos should be called.

  15. 14:41 I totally waited for the ” It’s your fault that I died, because you did not lemming with me!” ^^

  16. The guy at 1:54 was actually just ahead of the game and predicted that you would’ve otherwise ran into the torps launched by the Öland, so he accepted going pink for the sake of your life, launched his torps into your path to force you to ground yourself and that way take far less damage, than you would’ve if you had just ran into the Öland torps.

  17. The windows sound when your shells missed the DM LMFAO

  18. i like how he was like dont lemming, but we lemmingd on that same map and we just absolutely destroyed them

  19. Moral of the story: don’t forget your detonation flags, kids!

  20. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I just realized how much funnier he is when you’re drunk

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