Funny World of Warships – Episode 56

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After 2 long weeks Speshul Funny World of Warships Compilation is back with ofc great plays and funny fails.
Let’s just say EVERYONE potatoes, yeah?

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. Bruh that Mogador came around the corner with confidence.

  2. 5 out of 9 and 7 out of 9 OMG WTF yama XD

  3. Flambino(7:21) : “It did NOT!”
    Me(Thinking) : “Oh Hi Mark!”
    Flambino(2 seconds later): Mark or no Mark!
    Me: *spits out coffee*

    Love you you mind-reading mother trucker 😉

  4. Sunday morning complete: coffee and another episode of “derp, derpity derp derp…..qwaken”. Thank you Flambass!

  5. 12/12 ricochets with the Yamato on a carrier, that’s priceless.

  6. Flambass : I’m gonna kill everybody
    also Flambass : he torp me!!! why he torp me?!!!
    XD priceless

    • He actually torped them both, and Trenlass had a glitch/freeze when trying to accelerate when it looked like he will eat everything… Trenlass ate “only” 2 and that’s somehow both survived – the Hipper didn’t score the kill and was nuked by Trenlass soon after, yet finished first in his team thanks to that one sneaky ambush :))

  7. Nothing like a surprise kraken 🙂
    God i have been on a binge watching your WoWs Videos its making me want to play again…….

  8. I love how he keeps overestimating the enemies capabilities

  9. That Venezia clip at the start destroyed 4 million of my brain cells

  10. Trenlass: “Flam, STFU and cap plz.”

  11. Playing this game 5.5 years now, i`m somewhat aware of the “funny” stuff and characteristics around.
    But those 12 Yamato shells on the Midway where straightout shocking.
    Seem Flamu in the training room bounce Yamato shells of T1 ships, but this was plunging fire ffs!
    This game is making me grab for my “medicine” an awefull lot these last few years.

  12. His face at the end was priceless, that quacken was so surprising 😀

  13. This week’s episode should have been called Vengeance of the French. Lol

  14. 5:38 Yuro would be proud 😀

  15. Hastur, the King in Yellow

    5:40 happens
    Yuro: Not bad, kid

  16. weegee’s next idea: magnetic torpedoes. but instead of being implemented like they are IRL, they’re going to simply detonate if they get near a ship, with decreasing damage the farther away they are. so like if somebody misses you by 5 meters it still does half damage.

  17. An almost full health Venezia gets rammed by a Des Moines with almost no health? That makes a shitload of sense.

  18. The moment i saw yami firing on cv i was like they gonna bounce. Tgats why this clip is here

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