Funny World Of Warships Episode 60

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World of Warships speshul compilation is back. Plenty of epic plays, funny fails and more.

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Shikishima is fun.
    Oh and also. “Lest we forget” 6/6/1944

  2. I blame the submarines for the island bug

  3. “Turn the goddamn guns Jean-Pierre !”

  4. 14:25 if you start turning and your engine gets destroyed and you repair it, it sometimes loses the information that you pressed the button and just goes straight, you actually have to release A and press it again for it to work.. i died at least 5 times to this shit in DDs what i can still remember..

  5. 14:03 ah, the good ole keyboard bug STILL a thing 😂 It’s been like this from CBT at least. Especially bad with anti ghosting and/or keyboards with a high polling rate. Seems to be something with the game not recognising keyboards repeat command when you press and hold the key. If it doesn’t see the first command when you first pressed the key, it ignores the rest. One of the keyboards I had was especially bad for it to the extent I’m still in the habit of double and even triple pressing a key before holding it down just to be certain the game responds 😂

  6. Even after watching his streams and other vids, this video is still funny

  7. Oh god thats so funny. The JB sticking at 11.05 was hilarious.

    • I was so glad to see I wasn’t the only one who kept on getting stuck in that channel, was a daily occurrence

    • Broken piece of garbage game. Stop playing. Watching replays is more fun than playing.

    • I think it happens because of the maps rework for the submarines

    • @chris b blurgh more planes and subs = dead game.

    • @Kyle Holloway Happened to me once in that spot so i had to free cam down underwater to see what it was, and there’s actually some random rock formations that jut out JUST high enough to get stuck on. So yeah, that’s a no go route from now on.

  8. So glad to see the speshul compilation back. Sunday mornings just aren’t the same without it

  9. These sunday uploads never disappoint,
    the day will only get worse from here on …

  10. For the key-bug at 14:45 – i’ve noticed that if you loose your rudder and keep pressing A or D while the rudder gets repaired, your input doesn’t count. You have to let go of A or D and repress them, so that your rudder will respond

  11. Flamablebass”He could shoot me?”
    Me: “Yes he could have, but didn’t”.

  12. undertakernumberone1

    04:20 Kurfürst: “Bitch!” 😛 “I wish I could have his RNG!” Yeah… so do I.

  13. OMG 11:15 I got stuck there in my Sovetsky Soyuz EXACTLY the same place!!!!!!!!!!! I was listing to one side and one guy said it looked like I was sinking! Was there till the end of the game lol

    • I had a teammate in CB’s hit this spot in his BB as well. I was the closest ship in my Shima. RAMMING SPEED Shima Tugboat to the rescue! Got him off the “rocks” or glitch or whatever tf is going on right there!

    • @Jason Riff LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE! This made me LAUGH XD

  14. When RNG “locks you in” your ship ‘cannot’ turn. Welcome to WG superior code. lol.

  15. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one getting stuck on nothing in the middle of nowhere in this game.

    • happened literally just 2 days ago to me in Atlanta – died to torps thanks to that in Trident, cause getting stuck in the middle of epicenter while hunting 2 DDs with radar isn´t the best thing in that kind of situation 😀

    • you aren’t getting stuck on nothing. you literally are getting stuck on rocks. Welcome to World of Submarines.

    • Yeah this is a new feature, not a bug. They’ve added underwater rock outcrops for maps which means battleships now run aground on undetectable, totally new reefs and embankments. Usually placed in strategically critical locations like channels between islands adjacent to caps.

  16. Damn, he did too, I stuck there with my Alaska, useless wg did it again..

  17. Jonathan McClelland

    Playing battleships be like “Oops, all overpens!”

  18. 11:05 I didn’t realize I was in the same place today, got stuck, and died laughing remembering Flambass’ reaction.

  19. Im Still in love wirh the quaken at the end

  20. Was waiting for the torps from the other side of the Amalfi whilst you were celebrating him not firing :-)!

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