Funny World of Warships Speshul Compilation #71

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In a galaxy far, far away, someone’s been working in the cold dark shadows, behind curtains and with no light, in the void of space and time……
TRILOMAR brings you another WOWS SPESHUL COMPILATION with your main star, Potatobass flambaHYPE
I know it’s been quite a while folks but summers are crazy.


  1. your editor came back from vacation and put in the work!!! much love!

  2. Mr G’s “DO IIIIIIIT!” was the highlight of the vid. What a cheerleader.

  3. That Slava moment was epic(ly dumb on his part)

  4. Holy Gibbins and flam going crazy at the end was golden!

  5. Awesome vid love it. Keep the content rolling fleet admiral potato.

  6. Flambass: guys?
    And then a big load of shells cooming toward the mino.

  7. The ending was epic. Talk about clutch shot!

  8. LOL the ending. Gibbins crying “DO IIIIIIT!!” is everything.

  9. Soo good to see you back! And in divs with Monkey, Trenlass and Mr G!

  10. oh man I so miss watching these. Thanks for the had work. I know it isn’t always easy

  11. Exceedingly entertaining as usual!

  12. Starting off strong with possibly the greatest video of all time.
    Fantastic taste Flambino.

  13. Nice to have you back Flambass, and smiling as well.
    The excited mouse wiggle and Mr G’s “Do IT!” when Slava popped out was hilarious.

  14. It was a fun vid to make – so many fun/funny/epic Flambass moments in this one. Nice to see all of the positive comments and glad you are all enjoying it.

  15. the sheer amount of pure joy from you and Mr. Gibbins is the best thing we’ll see today

  16. I’m so glad Flambass seems much happier and more chilled since a bit of a break. I hope my impression is correct! Best wishes.

  17. My god im 11 seconds into the video and already laughing lol, I love these speshul compilations keep doing them!!!!

  18. Best Speshul since a while 🙂 Keep the good content flowing!

  19. This was a top tier Speshul Compilation, and I’ve seen them all.

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