Funny Zao stucked to an island but returned 2 save d match! World of Warships

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  1. Guys,the enemy cv on the enemy team is my freind

  2. pulled a real notser….or a jingles landing ….

  3. Ap he mite of get that battle ship at the end still gg

  4. Natthaphong Wongwai

    nice save

  5. Not using premium repair consumable. That’s a paddlin’.

  6. Do I win something for being featured? Hehe

  7. Use premium consumables please Zao!

  8. This reminded me of Austin powers when he did that three point turn

  9. That’s why today we have noise rudders so we can turn like a dime

  10. couldn’t of parked it any better if he used a handbrake lol, i have done that myself on a different island, took about five minutes to get free then the battle ended

  11. It’s like my wife parking the car

  12. That rock looks familiar

  13. bad driving finally catches up to PanziCrackers

  14. wrong title…
    it must “How to Park Your Ship Correctly” 😀

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