#Funtage Video Contest [World of Warships]

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Contest Details:
?Your video must be uploaded to YouTube.
? Keyword ‘World of Warships’ must be included in the title.
? Your YouTube video page should contain a short description of its contents.
✏️ The description must include the creator’s Nickname and Server (NA, EU…)
✏️ The hashtags ‘#Funtage’ and ‘#WorldOfWarships’ must be included in the video description and metadata.
✏️ There must be a link to https://wo.ws/funtage

Video Requirements:
? The maximum length of the video is 90 seconds.
? The video must show gameplay of or have strict relation to World of Warships.
? Any music used must be creative commons licensed, or from World of Warships.
? The video must be uploaded as Public, not hidden or unlisted.
? Videos must be created during the contest timeframe.
? Be sure to keep the original file of the video in case you are asked to prove that you are the author.
? By participating, entrants agree that Wargaming may use their videos at any time.
? The winner is responsible for providing their mailing address in order to receive their prize.

More details, ideas and prizes information you can find at the official portal: https://wo.ws/website

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  1. Shubhankar Dasgupta


  2. Ya I am second

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    That is the biggest darkest secret behind video content production!
    Join this contest, and win awesome prizes!:)

  4. Francisco DeTonne

    Yuro. Period.

  5. Yuro, Arlios, and SharonRoseMottorad will absolutely like it!

  6. Yuro instantly wins

  7. We already know that Jolly wong ,Yuro and Sharon will clash for the prizes

  8. IF Yuro Doesn’t Win We riot !

  9. Yuuuuurroooooooooooo

  10. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash

    Sweet! ?

  11. That is probably the actual boiler room of their Ukraininan building.

  12. Yay, the cool Haired Cat Lady is Back <3 Meaw :3

  13. *Yurobeat intensifies

  14. ProcrastinatingPuma

    Yuro vs Jolly Wong

  15. does it have to be gameplay or can we make a “funtage” of the cinematic trailers?

    YURO WINS!!!!!

  17. I’m not very good at Russian, but I’m pretty sure the password she entered was “cyka blyat”

  18. GeneralJoemalia

    Congratulations for winning Yuro!!!

  19. Show me da way

  20. Its Jolly Wong will win. Cox his was so hilariously funny!

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