Furious – World of Warships

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Few flags, half the modules, stock planes, tier 6 I never played and this is what we do. Balans. Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Being a simple man; I see Flambass post. I click the video.

  2. That Fuso’s AA was like the band on the Titanic. Still going as the ship sinks. And it’s always a good time when a teammate is shit talking the team when they threw their ship away and is in the bottom 2 of the team. Lots of help from them.

  3. I bet that Nagato at the end was… Furious.

  4. Kind of amazed they haven’t given CVs auto drop again.
    Can play Warships like an auto-battler then.

  5. A few years ago, wasn’t there a way to buy all the ships (might have been all premiums) for several thousand dollars? It wasn’t advertised widely IIRC, but it was available on the store page if you knew where to look. This was on the Asian server. Not quite the same as a press account, but close.

  6. Nice play and video, well done and stay well.

  7. I did the same thing what Flambass is doing few months ago, buying back all ships in the game. My 500mln credits went down pretty fast, and I’m a veteran player (almost 8 years playing). Currently I have 625 ships in port.

  8. Excellent!

  9. Okay AA staying active while the ship is sinking is something I like a counter to planes that hang around when the carrier is sunk.

  10. I can already tell that the other teams players were furious-ly happy about the fun and engaging gameplay, with no counterplay.

  11. Christer Wiklund

    Nice one. I wonder if you only use the carrier for spotting where you would end up in the team score, probably in the middle somewhere.

  12. Nice to see you back in a cv as your main 🙂

  13. 168K in a T6 CV?

    This is fine. The game’s fine. Fun and engaging.

  14. That Nagato had a fun and engaging game experience! I can’t wait to play this game again!

  15. Shocked to see that the player in the light cruiser that practically pushed into the enemy spawn and died with no kills hung around to be critical of the team afterwards

  16. Interesting that the enemy CV got taken out by your team’s sub. Guess their automated ASW was having a beer break or something.

  17. Having AA still engage me after I sank the ship has happed to me about 3 times as well. BUGGY!

  18. Still pumping out AA as it sank. Classic WoW style.

  19. Not only did the AA keep firing after the ship blew up but it was firing at over 7km too!!!🤯

  20. Onan TheBarbarian

    Furious got me my last Solo Warrior as I was being chased by a…Fubuki

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