Fuso PUUUUSH – 150k – 9 citadels ||World of Warships

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  1. Panzer. I have been using the Tapjoy free gold thing. They were givng me code untill last week. Now i have 800 gold in the bank and no codes.
    Do you know whats going on?

    • sry no idea – you should try mail the support… you should get a code every 100 gold to enter at wargaming site

    • Panzerknacker I got a reply saying that the USA and eu bank was down but I did not know of that was a lie.
      Are you in usa or EU?

  2. Gute Runde Rng+ und – so ist die Fuso

  3. this guy was street sweeping in this thing.

  4. Still waiting for Ise or Hyuga

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      They would just be like Fuso, since wg would most likely just model the Ise Class with the 6x356mm 45cal gun arrangement. Until we somehow manage to infuse semi-carrier gameplay to make use of the 22 fighters – carried by the carrier converted Ise Class – we would probably just have ourselves a copy and paste Fuso.

  5. I wonder if the guys stationed at the large rangefinder on the main mast have issues with sea sickness.

  6. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh! I didn’t expect that kind of result against an angled Guilo! xD

  7. Great job. Exploiting an endless cavalcade of broadside targets…

  8. Fuso thug life

  9. 12th comment!

  10. Fuso is tired of always getting killed in those “How it works?” videos by WG… #Fusolivesmatter

  11. Camping is Push now?

  12. The firepower on the fuso is amazing.

  13. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Good ole Fuso…The original shotgun of Tier 6 And still one of the Best BBs Tier for Tier

  14. 8:43
    Nah Nah NahNah,
    “Your death is reserved sir, no worry not being shot, Ur next”
    CAGED CV yet to be hunted

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