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shared some ideas for future tweaks to the game at the Anaheim event. I share and discuss the changes that will hopefully improve the gameplay further. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Soviet Leningrad

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  1. Wow no views, truly first. Just wanna say I love your content keep on keeping on 🙂

  2. Friedrich Der Grosse will get buffs finally.

    • Friedrich really needs it, WG is finally going a good way again, now there are still 5 important topics/changes they need to make:
      1. Improve secondary accuracy
      2. Lower fire damage on cruisers and specially BBs
      3. Improve secondary range on cruisers
      4. Improving German BB accuracy
      5. Lowering British BBs fire percentage “

    • the tier 10 cruisers are a little too powerful. I run from them when I am in a battleship due to their HE spam.

    • +Tiago Casquinho fully approve for point no 4 and 5

    • +Tiago Casquinho 4. Improving German Battleship Battleships? heh.

    • +Tony Weisenburger accuracy sorry, was semi distracted while typing

  3. Nerf the Harugumo.

    • +Klegolas True, but you do have to have a lot of factors satisfied for you to be able to spam HE. Such as a lack of radars, smoke torps, spotting (you are entirely dependent on teammates spotting for you), etc.

    • +noobtotale

      One more time. You made a false equivalence when you said “I watch BB’s dev strike full health cruisers, and I take citadel hits even though I angle. Must mean that BB’s are OP.”
      Whether the Harugumo is OP or not is moot at this point. Again, the leaves fell off the oak tree because it was sick. Well, the leaves fell off the maple tree, it must also be sick. No. The leaves might have fallen off the Maple tree because the seasons changed. Back to your false equivalence. You taking full dev strikes from BB while in Cruisers. Does that mean BB are OP. No it doesn’t. It could be that the cruisers have weak armor. It could mean a dozen different things. But again, we are no longer even talking about the Harugumo. The false equivalence is you reaching a conclusion based on one shared trait between two subjects, i.e. the BB are OP. Anyway, I am really tired of going back and forth with you on this. If you don’t get it then I have failed due to my lack of eloquence. It is my fault. Have a great day.


    • +noobtotale
      I said, “the leaves fell off the oak tree because it was sick.” You said, “well, the leaves fell off the maple tree, it must also be sick.” No, the leaves falling off the maple tree does not necessarily mean that the maple tree is sick. You are the one who made the false equivalence. You need to answer why it is not.

    • ​+DV8 *** *I have already established why I view analogy and question relevant to this debate, and therefore NOT a false equivalence.* To quote myself,

      “I actually feel that [this] is very relevant, as you are implying that due to [Harugumo’s] ability [to] burn down BB’s [and in so doing inflicting severe damage upon them, Harugumo] must be OP. Yet when I draw a comparison to a squishy CA, such as Schors being citadelled by a BB into oblivion, it is not the equivalent?”

      To reiterate again; this is my reasoning behind the analogy and question, I proposed to you. However you have failed to express how you have come to the conclusion that this is irrelevant, and therefore why it is a false equivalence. Effectively making your claims that this is a false equivalence completely unsubstantial, and no more significant than pointing your finger at someone and saying, “I don’t like you, because I just don’t like you.”

      You are doing us both a great disservice by not explaining the, “why it is so” part of your arguments. Or in the case of your analogy, I as a person who is unfamiliar with deciduous trees, sees a tree losing its’ leaves. From my experience with trees, I have deducted that it could possibly be losing its’ leaves because it is sick and dying. Now from your perspective, as a person who is familiar with deciduous trees, (in our case, familiar with your thinking behind your conclusion,) you should be easily able to rebut this false equivalence with an argument. That on the contrary, the tree looses its’ leaves naturally during the course of the seasons, because… (insert biology here, lets not go off in a tangent.) To reiterate (again); what you have failed to provide, is a logical reasoning as to why this is a false equivalence.

      Post-script: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to find out why you can condone cruisers being blapped by BB’s, while when a DD does similar damage to a BB (considering its’ health), it is OP. I hope by the end of this discourse, I will be able to understand your point, and come to a mutual understanding. Or am I wasting my time on someone who is mentally incapable of comprehending that they should form coherent arguments to back up their conclusions?

  4. Secondary buffs? *laughs in Alsace*

    • +Edhi Kurniawan Oh, I have. Lyon, not a big fan; lovely shotgun firepower, but her belt is trash. Nagato on the other hand… She was the first 16″ (well, 410mm) battleship I unlocked, and boy was that a culture shock after playing through Gneisenau and Bismarck.
      Nagato is a dream after Fusou. That shell consistency is such a nice change after the German battleships.

      But I still have a place in my heart for Gneisenau. My first fourteen-point captain belongs to Gneisenau. Being able to fit AFT & MFCSA at once revolutionized that ship for me. Her 128mm battery is incredible (8km is more than enough for her tier), her AA makes her practically immune to the air, and what her batteries can’t finish off, her torpedoes will. She is such a fun ship to play, but in the opposite way to Nagato. Where Nagato prefers to sit at range and provide support, I love Gneisenau for her ability to charge up to and punch her victim very hard right in the citadel while taking minimal return damage.

    • +Dylan Wight Pick on cruiser you said. Torp is not a part of it. Lyon can easily delete any cruiser at any range. Even DD with her AP. Her Secondaries including 8 130mm guns which is neat as an additional firepower. Her AA is almost as good as Gneisenau, and she turns faster than her also, she dont have that huge superstructure which act as HE magnet.

      Gneisenau playstyle is unique but weak no matter how many Ive tried. I tried to love her but she just refuses.
      16 inch is special at T7, because it can overmatch any T7 or below BB bow armor, except for Bayern. Ofc if speed and firepower at range is the concern, not AA, Nagato is far superior. I would include Colorado but speed isnt her forte.

      The best T7 BB are Lyon, KGV, and Scharnhorst. As for KGV, Ofc if youre OK with RN BB playstyle, which i dont quite fond of it.

      Edit: As why ive build Gneisenau for Torp and Secondaries, it inspired by Aerroon’s video where he killed 3 BBs at close quarter. Also his video on how IFHE german 127mm Secondaries melts BB real quick. IMHO it is the most powerful form of Gneisenau, but still not something can be used against experienced player.

    • +Edhi Kurniawan As i said, I’m not impressed by Lyon. 16 shells makes up for a lot, but when only five make contact, three bounce and two over-penetrate you wish you have 15″ or better. Her citadel is ridiculous large, you give her too much credit. That foward bridge & mack invites juicy AP full penetrations. I never found Lyon’s AA to be anything special. Good, but not spectacular. She’s a fine alternative to Gneisenau, but Gneisenau invites a unique style of play which I quite enjoy as somebody who prefers brawling.

      Oh, and don’t forget the queen bee of T-VII battleships, the gloriously overpowered HMS Nelson. Nine 16″ guns forward facing? Yes please, I’ll some some of that thank you!
      Secretly, I’m kinda fond of Hood too, though she definitely needs a good buff to her shell consistency.

    • +Dylan Wight Ya, i forgot Nelson. She is quite a rare sight haha. But no, she isnt OP. 16 inch is special, Repair is special, but her armor is meh. She is good, but certainly not the best.
      Im not giving too much credit on Lyon. Ive not stated if she has turtleback armor, somewhat.
      If it goes down to preference, then i can go with it. But im not talking about it.

    • +Edhi Kurniawan Fair points. I feel that Nelson is somewhere between Nagato and Lyon in armour, but since you need to be angled to have all her guns firing anyway, her armour profile is actually pretty effective. If you show a broadside, you’ll be punished, but that happens in all T-VII battleships except Gneisenau at almost all ranges anyway.

      If I had to choose favourites, then Nagato is my favourite, with Gneisenau coming a close second and Nelson in third. My biggest problem with Lyon is how much broadside you have to show to fire all sixteen of her main guns. Given her inaccuracy, you need to be at about 12km, which means you’re going to be punished if fighting other battleships.

      That being said, nothing is better than Lyon at killing cruisers at 10-14km, though KGV runs a close second.

  5. Any news on Alaska? She would god wulling haul in more money from fxp conversions and more battles from coal grindong than Jean Bart ever will.

    Also, if WG wanted to buff secondaries, they would increase the rof of all secondaries to their main battery counterparts with just less range and accuracy.

    In addition, in regards to saturation abd torpedoes, ut should be based on whether or not that ship has an all or nothing scheme. All or nothing = 0 saturation damage while conventional armor schemes continue to take damage. Also, hull saturation should reduce maximum speed by a reasonable percent pending the location of the hull saturated.

  6. Notser, try this insanely fun build for Ovetchkin on a GNEVNY! Priority target, Last stand, Survivability expert, Concealment expert, BFT, AFT, then Adrenaline Rush. Then you can dominate the caps with 6.1 concealment, open water gunboat with long range, citadel cruisers at ranges of over 10km, burn down BBs, and even have good AA (for a DD.) Plus, the high damage and fast torps work as great yolo kill switches. This build gives you a DD that excels in every category and play style except torpedo range, plus its fun because you are in the mid-tiers without much radar or crazy gimmicks.

  7. why they dont make switchable secondary ammo? i want use AP on paper targets and get Citadel hits or switch to HE when secodary shots BB

  8. With all of the changes, they really should give us a free Respec on our commanders.

    • Maybe they will when the new CVs are released…

    • +FullMetalChicken Notser has touched on the CE skill before. He feels the same way. it’s 4 wasted points if EVERY ship uses it.

    • +Tony Weisenburger if it’s such a waste then dont take it. Not like other ships are stuck with taking a certain path either:| You say such things like you have a choice.

    • +ArmchairWarrior Complex ideas are hard, i get that. what i WAS inferring is that it’s a near requirement for all ships. the value of not getting spotted is off the charts. however, if all ships use it (i realize some ships do not, but i imagine the number of 14+ point captains that train CE is abnormally high) then the game would survive with this bonus being given freely to all ships, or removed from the game entirely. It would be nice to have a different 4 point skill that offered something unique and not universally applicable than a near-required skill that all ships use.

    • no they should fix the shitty match making that puts all the good players on 1 team and all the shit players on the other team

  9. Finally WG realized AP secondaries are shit.

    • Secondaries in general are shit, their accuracy sucks hard, a battleship is defenseless against dds. They can drive around the Battleships without any fear of being at least hit by the secondaries cause the main battery turrets turn so slow (which is totally fine, but speccing for secondaries is totally useless)

    • +Tiago Casquinho Then you have never played the German Way, Secondaries are inaccurate in their coding. However perks such as Manual Control can Benefit the player secondary armament by making them more accurate. Create a build that is based on Secondaries and it will be an improvement. Also most DD’s prefer to not charge into a Battleship Secondary Range or even get close to it that they get spotted. DD’s don’t charge unless it is their only option. Higher Tier Ships have better secondaries, Also Battleships are not defenseless. They just got you by surprise

    • +Tiago Casquinho 12x 16″ guns overpenning still hurt.

    • Well, basic secondaries are mainly forminor DPM boost in CQ against other BBs or cruisers, but manual secondaries can be surprisingly accurate even against DDs.

    • +Pavel Tobiáš Very true!, I have been explaining so much to people

  10. It’s NOT radar that’s the issue, it’s “American radar”thats the issue. the Russian radar is perfectly fine and this will nerf them drastically because they rely on other teammates finishing off a destroyer Because Russian cruisers don’t have the fire rate and the radar duration so they only get 2 or 3 salvos off per radar which is often not enough to kill a DD alone. They need to just nerf American radar.

    Yet you have a DM and Worcester with fast firing guns and nearly 1 min long radar duration… thats what dds dont stand a chance against.

    Maybe they should give russians long duration short range radar and Americans long range short duration. That would fix alot of problems with radar

    • Yeah exactly this … RU radar ships will suffer even more (they already have poor detection except Chapayev)

    • There already is short range, long duration radar. We call it hydro acoustic search.

    • So if they take radar away from ships whose main gimmick is radar, what does WG give back? Suggestions?

    • +Hillslam that is the least concern (they can still HE spam from behind islands like when their radar is on cooldown) … you should be more worried about the AA implementation for carrier rework since those are the same ships basically ….

    • It isn’t radar or its present duration. It’s that 1 ship with radar shows its entire team as though they suddenly all have radar installed. It takes complicated computer and communication systems for modern ships to pass info to each other.

  11. So……. will they cap torpedo DMG vs BBs to 10%? The standard potential dmg vs DDs by a BB was important because of the high number of CA/CL players that ignore DDs. Leaves it to the BB players to kill them…… so now our 1 potential defense is nerfed? smh….. as if the player base wasn’t causing enough trouble. I guess Red Green has it right….. “If it ain’t broke, you ain’t trying”

  12. What about Yueyang? Are they still decided to murder that poor ship?

    • Yep. YY’s too good and just like Alsace, you get nerfed.

    • ​+azraelswrd But the nerf they proposed will make Yueyang completely unusable. Should they be more careful about the nerf? Like their previous nerf to Shima is so ridiculous and they decide to give it several buffs recently.

    • I don’t see how this ship is op compaired to the other dd’s
      And harugamo is only gonna steam roll more now then it did before

      I’ll probably sell my Yy if the changes break the ship

    • +TitanCaliber They look at the battle stats and I guess feedback from the Russian servers since that’s who they listen to the most. YY’s just too successful at what she does apparently so it’s nerfing time. Just look at poor T1 Black Swan, lol. Now THAT is a ship that’s been nerfed into the ground that nobody asked for or cared about (I think)

    • +azraelswrd Alsace was hit with a 6% DPM nerf. Yueyang is being given a *25%* DPM nerf, which is much more severe. Yueyang will end up with the same DPM as Chung Mu, while also having worse concealment and worse torpedoes. Why would anyone ever play a Tier 10 ship that’s an outright downgrade from the Tier 9 of the same line?

  13. So what your saying is when a BB has AP loaded and spots a DD he should have to spend 25-30 seconds replacing his ammo type or he is been lazy while the DD is trying to torp him spam HE at him or run OR all 3 of those I’m sorry noster but that is a very silly thing for you to say and that’s not fair on BBs nerff HE

  14. I really don’t like the BB AP is capped at 10% versus destroyers change. I don’t even play battleships as much as I play destroyers, I just think destroyers are too powerful and don’t need buffs like that. Radar should be taken out entirely if they can’t make it work properly with LoS checks, or nerfed into irrelevancy. Hydro too. The devs inability to make them work in game is not an excuse for leaving in a bad and rather broken mechanic in because reasons. Though I’d also like seeing smoke nerfed so it provides a small concealment buff and debuffs dispersion of shots fired at ships in it, and DDs just given a buff to how long firing their guns makes their detection range increase, maybe bring it down to 10 seconds. I still want a slight buff to cruisers in that regard too, I hate passive play, but often simply firing in say my Atago gets me focused, even if there are better, closer, and even more broadside targets, Baradul’s law of proximity (closest threat gets focused) never applies to me for some reason. Giving RN cruisers the same and buffing their citadel protection would probably suffice in making them do more than just hide out of LoS all game, maybe give their ballistics a buff so they are more accurate too.

    • +Wesley Larsen By the time a BB switches Ammo types either the DD already killed the BB or the DD is long gone

    • +Wesley Larsen No, BB AP rarely does proper penetration damage to destroyers, but only if you get a shot in from underwater, or you rake the deck of the other destroyer aka where they are giving your the bow or stern of the ship do you get penetration damage, or maybe if you hit like a turret or something. It’s fine how it is, and as mentioned in another comment, by the time you have HE loaded the DD is likely unspotted again so with BB reload times there really is no point in changing ammo unless there are only DDs left if you are only going to be changing it back. For that matter, some battleships should not even have HE, like the Yamato. Proper HE wasn’t even designed for her guns. Only AP and beehive shells which isn’t HE and was never really effective against surface or air targets.

      You seem to have missed the part about removing or heavily nerfing smoke to compensate for the nerfing or removal of radar. I’d take a global nerf to the concealment of all or most destroyers at tiers 6 and above above as well to compensate, as anything under 8 km is only usually relevant to other destroyers as the only cruiser I can think of off hand that can get under 8 is the Tenryu. The torpedo range of some DDs, namely Russian and US could also be buffed again to compensate for concealment nerf. I want neither smoke, nor radar in the game as they are now, as they both promote extremely passive play. Moreover, it means cruisers of which class I am a main I mostly play IJN cruisers, need to actually go hunt down destroyers instead of just hiding behind an island and pressing a button to auto spot everything in range. Because that’s fun and takes lots of skill. Actually another thing I’d like to see is a vast improvement to spotter planes for that, like having the ability to direct it to go spot instead of just circling, or being a strictly defensive catapult fighter. Probably why I don’t play US, UK, or Soviet cruisers anymore, they’re just boring as all hell. And German and US cruisers are way too slow at not more than what 33 knots.

    • +Valentino III i always load up HE in my BB if the chances are high that i encounter a DD, that’s part of tactical gameplay.

    • +Wesley LarsenI always load AP, as I should, as I can also say that the Chance of me encountering of a Broadsiding BB or Cruiser are high enough so I can deal 8-20k in a single salvo, citadels or not

    • +Wesley Larsen lol get wrecked^

  15. Maybe make radar a kind of ping system? Like it will spot your target for a few seconds, then they will dissapear, then reapear, then dissapear.

  16. The problem with secondaries wasn’t damage output or shell type…it was accuracy.

    Why are you jacked up for this change? It is minor, at best.

    Also, HOW did the radar LoS change fail? Merely claiming it failed will do nothing to stop the fanbase pitchforks.

    Time to earn your ‘independent from WarGaming’ badge. Man up and ask the difficult questions, sir.

    • I totally agree with you about radar. Wargaming supposedly concluded that making radar purely LoS “failed” based entirely on internal testing (not only did CCs never get to try it out, neither did even the supertesters), which means that nobody is going to be inclined to believe them unless they provide an actual explanation of why it didn’t work.

    • I suspect by limiting it to LoS, it made it only useful against smokers or low detection ships like DD’s but both situations depend on playing against stupid captains in exposed waters.

    • RedXlV What makes you think that Supertesters did not test that? You do know that STs do a lot of testing on a non-public server, which has its own Client? And that the stuff they do there is under NDA?

    • I am also a bit sceptical about the LOS radar statement too. I’m not really sure how it would fail unless they want an outcome that is at odds with how the community thinks it should work.

  17. Lovely, they are taking away the only advantage that BBs had against DDs…

    As I stated in an older video (Battleship AP Adjustment VS Destroyers – World of Warships), the AP change is completely stupid. Starting with how flipping difficult it is to hit a DD with BB guns, the DD having the advantages of high speed and maneuverability, the great concealment, fast firing guns that can have you with a perma-fire, as well as being a small target, while the BB has to fight the crap accuracy, being unable to spot the DD unless it fires, and most of the time when that happens you are already flooding from eating a salvo of the infinite loading torpedoes. The only way of (sometimes) getting a good hit into a DD is to fire at them when they are less than 5km away, time by which you are already dead and RNG is laughing at your shells.

    And while I might argue that most of the time BBs will stick to one type of ammo and that only, most of the time they fire whatever they have loaded and stick with it, because sometimes you don’t want to spend 25-35 seconds changing ammo types for your first salvo onto anything, by the time you reload the bloody guns, the DD has already torped you, set you on fire and disappeared, or with the lovely rendering mechanics, the target became invisible again.

    DDs already have the best concealment, torps that do a huge amount of damage, are infinite and are, most of the time, effing invisible, mostly not affected by RNG to make dmg (unless it’s flooding chance), being able to f-ck you up with DOTs, are faster, more maneuverable, have means to disengage multiple times from confrontation (unless it is against radar, of which almost no BBs have, and hydro is only useful in spotting torps, not the DDs), and can alpha strike you with torps and sink you instantly.

    All while the only advantage that BBs had was the ability of sticking a shell in a DD and causing huge damage. Just lovely

    • Have you ever been at the receiving end?

    • +Olivier Lefevre Yes. And when it has happened is mostly because I made a huge mistake and showed myself to the BB, or got spotted by something, had my smoke on cooldown and the BB deleted me while I made a turn that caused some shells to stick on the ship, because it’s not every time it happens, since sticking even 1 shell onto a DD is flipping difficult. Meanwhile, if you want, you can spend the whole 20 minutes of a battle as a DD sending torps towards a BB and not be spotted even for one minute, or if you’re spotted disengage via smoke.

    • Um, have you ever considered that for a BB to be close to an enemy DD the BB would have to have fucked up big?

      Where’s the cruisers, dds of the team?

      When you say DD play is easy, have you played high tier? It’s damn intense with mindgame duels wiht enemy dds, have to cap, screen for team, not get radared/1-shot by bb/cl etc.

    • To your first point, you don’t need to fuck up on a game to be hunted down, lots of times your team gives a rats ass about what you say, been in teams where a flank has fallen, the only ones alive on said flank are BBs and even with allies close by, or CVs no one bothers to spot, leaving you helpless against a class that can’t be easily detected by BBs. Besides, you know most of the time, unless you’re playing in a division you’re on your own. Other point is that DDs can easily avoid being detected if they don’t play in the usual DD way, been in lots of games where this is the case, and somehow a DD passes between our own DDs and cruisers, for example when they decide to go hunt directly a CV.

      To your other point, I didn’t say playing DDs was easy, I just stated the large number of advantages they have against BBs, and the only advantage of BBs being the possibility of sticking a shell onto the DD when you make a mistake. But here we go:

      1- Duels against other DDs, capping and screening are the inherent tasks of a DD, the radar, while it’s an issue, it’s mostly due to the amount of radar in the game and it’s mechanics, not to it’s duration as this is limited, and unless you’re one of those DDs that likes to cap in the middle of the circle, most of the time you have cover/ways to get out (unless it’s a pretty open map) .
      2- Being one shot by a BB is incredibly hard to happen unless you stray at close range against said BB and are sailing nose or ass towards its guns, and even then is stupidly hard due to the horrible dispersion and RNG BBs have to play against, besides most of the time a shell sticks on a DD is because they are sailing straight at or moving away, which is usually how you stick a shell, if you sail broadside you will get hit by some overpens and can use the HUGE reload time to get as far as you can or get into cover. When it happens over long ranges, a monumental amount of luck is involved to land a shell, and if you want you can go into the training mode and test fire 20 BB salvos against a moving and maneuvering DD over range and you’re lucky if you stick 1 shell of the 20 salvos
      3- Being one shot by cruisers, that’s most an issue of rate of fire than shells hitting, while most of the cruisers have a reload time of at most 15 seconds, and most of the time said reload being less than that (heck DesMemes reload is like 6 seconds), it’s way easier for a cruiser to shell the crap out of a DD than it is for a BB with a reload of more than 25 to 30 seconds, being way easier for a cruiser to change ammo and obliterate the DD, than a BB change ammo to HE and fire, having to rely in the AP doing damage and by any miracle sticking into the ship.

  18. One more time Notser, it is not about being lazy. It is about the fact that when you see a DD, you shoot what ever is in your guns, you are not going to wait for 30 seconds in order to load the right ammo and lose a chance to damage the DD before it disappears.How hard is it to understand that concept? The only time I load HE is when I expect to see a DD or when I cannot pen a bow tanking BB.

    • Exactly, your target isn’t likely to wait 15-30 seconds for you to switch your ammo. 9 out of 10 times you want to have AP loaded and ready to fire so it makes no sense to constantly switch ammo in an off-chance a DD might might pop up in close enough range. Maybe if BBs didn’t take so long to switch ammo types people would use that feature more often.

    • +Benny I think Notser understands this. What he says makes sense too, he’s saying BB play needs more depth and complexity and making players choose their ammo type adds more skill and complexity. Obviously BBs can’t change ammo on the fly as well as other types, that’s why he said he thinks people will still use mostly AP. The current mechanics demand it. Some other changes need to happen.

    • BB players have bad press for being the dumbest. It is often true for other things but not for ammo switching. On the contrary, you would be dumb if you are waiting for 30 seconds before shooting a DD. If you allow a mechanic to allow BB players to switch ammo type in few seconds, it would make the BBs really OP.

    • +VuHien2011 what I am thinking is they may change around the Captain skills, removing or at least changing CE etc, then you may prefer to grab expert loader which maybe gets a higher point cost but is buffed? I don’t know, they will think of something…

    • Even with 15 second reload, I will still shoot whatever I have in the guns rather than waiting for 15 seconds to have the right ammo type.

  19. So they nurf battleship AP vs. destroyers however a destroyer with less than 20,000hp can wipe out a battleship with 100,000hp in a single torpedo strike and that’s balanced? Now we will have DD’s charging battleships as the potential punishment for doing so will be far less. I was much more inclined to take on a DD in my BB before but what incentive is there now when I have a 25~30 sec reload vs DD who in some cases have torpedo reload consumable or reload skills. Bahhhhh

    • you forgot the part where suiciding in a dd like that usually is a terrible play

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Olivier Lefevre You mean when a cruiser eventually melts down a BB. May god give peace to the poor souls ive HE spammed

    • +Spineking Jørgensen nah, melting a BB in a cruiser takes too long, he can’t be alone to kill you.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Olivier Lefevre while I dont have the alpha damage my german cruisers always pen em and some good fire RNG is gonna force the BB to retreat. Altough I will admit those that I dont just hurt really bad but actually kill are always with the help from 1 other ship. Altough when I get those sweet broadsides my dpm is like 10 K per salvo

    • Sure they retreat to heal and you have to do it back again…
      Oh yeah i loved those broaside AP with the hindi. i used to play it with rate of fire module but i got into a clan and they wanted a long range HE spammer which made me sad.

  20. I don’t think laziness is the main issue that BB don’t switch shells to shoot a DD. It’s more due to a combination of the reload time that it’s more likely the DD goes back into stealth than the BB having the chance to swap and shoot the DD with HE, and that in certain conditions AP does have the potential to deal more damage than HE. Therefore the only incentive to switch to HE is just more consistent damage and disabling more modules, at the trade off of chance of higher damage and any damage at all if the DD goes back to stealth while the HE is being loaded.

    The change removes the trade off of chance of higher damage, but still retains the trade off of dealing damage at all if the DDs goes back to stealth while the HE is being loaded. I still think it’s a good change for increasing the overall shell swapping frequency for BB players. If the rumoured radar change of delayed spotting for the team comes true and the DD will still be showed in the minimap during the delay, that can give additional incentive for BBs to swap to HE using that delay.

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