G 101 Destroyer | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay review of the G-101, the 3 German premium in World of Warships WoWs Legends, the free to play console game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. German tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a G 101.


  1. Toekie van der Linde

    Hi Tbull…hope you had a great xmas…got the g101, kamekazi. Mutsu. Indianapolis, Agile and the Marblehead…but to wait to get the Jean baard and I reached my budget spending on doubloons. I think i got a lot of good premium ships. I am going to mis out on this campaign. Returning to work…and i am 4 months away from home…and where i work there is no signal. But yeah have a good one.

  2. Disclaimer: Tbull bears no fiduciary responsibility, yall are on your own ?… anyways, good stuff as always. Great little boat and gives ya another option to, uh, “relieve some stress” at t3, lol

  3. I NEED a tier 7 premium for the weekly missions any ideas… I have NO where near 750000 global XP

    • Yeah there’s a campaign for the Jean Bart going on right now. Easy campaign and one of the best ships in the game waits at the end ?

    • @Tbull I’m aware but to do the mission for those Sakura coins the one next to the 101 mission ya need the jean bart rite? Also the Teir 7 part of the weekly mission a teir 7 is also needed….

  4. Got the G-101 which I’ve wanted since the start but did not have the time to devote to Alpha testing!!! Great little DD, basically the same as the V-170 with enhancements!!!

  5. I run von spee. Full torp build. I love this ship

  6. Gg! Happy holidays y’all.

  7. At the bottom as a reply I laid out what I would call a pretty accurate assessment of how Sakura will work out for those wanting the Asashio. ?

  8. Redline Salvage Inc.

    Merry Christmas Tbull, see you on the battlefield!

  9. Another great little DD. I got the tier 5 French destroyer in a crate yesterday too. That is a pretty nice ship also. Absolutely dominant guns. Torps only good for 7 km, but the French DD captains are pretty good. One of them can maximize your range out to 8.1 km when ranked up.

  10. Noobzerhech5lers Channel

    The thing is you have to Buy Boxes in order to get the asashio wg wrote that in their campaign info

  11. Surprisingly good little DD.

  12. The G ride is a pretty good boat. Here we have more Awesome Content from Tbull. When my Team seems to have no clue of how to manage a match. I say (If you want to learn how to play this game. Go to Tbull gaming on YouTube). Hopefully some will care and learn.

  13. Sakura coin financial advisor bit made me lol and got the video the like.

  14. A good review, as usual…??

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Tbull! Not sure if you have streaming plans this weekend or not, but I can’t make it…mini vacation with the family…cheers!

  15. Dose anyone know when and what new premiums ships we are going to get.

  16. Makes no attempt to avoid the torpedoes… Maybe he didn’t know the arrows with bubbles coming out were torpedoes… But after getting hit with the 1st salvo?? Idk

  17. How do you become an alpha tester for legends? Can anyone do it?

    • We’ll the time for that had come and gone but basically you asked to be put in a pool of possible people and if they picked you you were in

  18. Do not gamble if you only want ships. Bought the 40 super crate bundle and not one premium ship. I do like the G-101. Solid DD. Only started playing last Black Friday. Watching your vids help cut the learning curve. Thanks Bull!

  19. Bought 4 Chests last night bought the 101 but they didn’t drop it

  20. Kind of sucks I was an alpha tester but I didn’t get that ship just tried buying it can’t find it

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