G.KURF 320K DAMAGE MID PUSH || World of Warships

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  1. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    ROFL those enemies. When you have 6 bbs and you drive them all to one flank….questionable positioning SMH

  2. First comment and … O MY GOD … this battle was amazing especially that duel in the minute 9: 000, it was not more epic since the enemies could not be more inept than they already were, and confirms what I say thanks to that Moskva at 6:30 and that Musashi in e minute 7:08 that I think they were stuck in tunnel vision or they were too distracted in the chat that they did not see the minimap or they were overconfident that the dispersion or the RNG would avoid that a full-fledged salvo of a Kurfurst hit its citadels as big as mountains.
    These enemies almost looked like BOOTS or NOOB, in the first 5 minutes I wonder if they played that way yet they got to TX without Free XP … given that if they were smart they could have caught this Kurfurst in crossfire and have gutted it to artillery shots.

  3. U aimed way too high at the conqueror. Not only did u miss a lot of shells but trying to get the citadel in close combat is nonsense because its or almost ist Impossible. Just shoot upper belt like the geman bbs for the juicy pens

  4. He had it easy. There were no destroyers in this game.

  5. Those were definitely the dumbest bunch of enemies in ranked I’ve ever seen. edit: Jebus, how did they even make it to rank 5 and below playing like that?!

  6. Farm us senpai!! Its like they collected all the snowflakes to one team.

  7. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    I Love Kurfürst
    My next ship is Yamato.

  8. A battleship player’s dream. No one on the other flank and all those broadside targets…

    • I know, right?  It’s like he paid them to sail broadside on to him one at a time and practically ignore him while him killed one after another.

  9. 為什麼最後打征服者時,距離這麼近,反而打不出裝甲區?我玩的時候也有類似的情況

  10. 何でプレリーグでこんなレミングスが起きてるんだ…

  11. Enemies don’t even care.

  12. Patrick M. Blanchard

    easiest game ever, ever body ignored him even though he was an open target, and the fight against the conq was really sloppy

  13. I think this guy played against blind ppl…

  14. Just wondering how can we invite bot to Ranked game?
    It will be all players dream

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