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User replay where both sides do everything they can to lose but a couple standout players help win the day. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Battleship Vanguard Ship Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. The worst part is that this Asashio, with his place on the board will think he did well all the way.

    • +Simon Norris Maybe you weren’t paying attention but that Asashio was clearly spotting for his team early in the game when he was flanking the enemy in the NE of the map. Also, bitch all you want about smoked up DDs, but the reality is that if the enemy is out in the open and engaging your team openly, the DD isn’t really needed to be spotted and can smoke up and fire away. It’s a tricky thing though because you don’t want to do it between your team and the enemy because then you may block line of sight. You want to move to the side of the engagement so that you don’t block any lines of sight.

    • +johnny b Bullcrap. You haven’t had me in my Le Terrible on your teams then. I wreck face in mine.

    • +Tim Sneaking BEHIND the enemy team and launching torps can be really dumb if any misses just keep on heading towards your team. You have to be careful with 20km torps.

    • +crucisnh Fair enough. Must be the other 99.9% of the Le Terrible players that die before end of game.

    • In hindsight is 20/20. Given the wide flank the team was heading he probably thought I have no support why bother. And why is always a burden on the DD to cap? I get they are best suited for the role. I play DDs. I also attempt capping in cruiser and battleship giving the opportunity. You get more xp for capping. You got 12 players and not one attempted. The call out of asashio was not needed. That map hugging play style is common with those little machines. Look at russian bias DDs, most are afraid to push up to a cap.

  2. Vanguard is good when mid to top tier in the match, but feels so lackluster if bottom tier. The guns are very trolly, sometimes they will land all shells perfectly, others, they fly all over the place…Also, you are almost required to know when to use HE and AP

    • It’s the 380 calibre as a whole. The Bismarck and Tirpitz suffer the same too although they get other things to offset this. The Vanguard just doesn’t fit into the game at all and I see it being one of, if not the least played T8 BB after a few months when the Honeymoon phase has passed. The Hood has the same problem, The guns are just not strong enough. When T8(some) and above cruisers can sit nose in and can bounce you it’s not great. This ship just adds to the argument that the 380mm guns need a tweak to make them competetive.

    • +Rick Morris Rick, the problem with 15″ guns is that to make them more competitive, they usually will have to buff their penetration, which is usually done by increasing the shell velocity. But when the shell velocity gets “too high”, you can end up with LOTS of overpens. You may have the pen to punch through BB belt armor reliably, but end up becoming an overpen machine against cruisers.

    • +crucisnh It’s not the only way to buff them. rate of fire, dispersion. I can live with bad pen as long as it has decent accuracy or Rof. 8 guns and 25 second reload with the bad dispersion and very poor AP performance, what is the upside? when 406s have a 30 second reload and have that reliable AP it makes the 15″ guns obsolete in game. 203 Cruiser AP at tier 9/10 is more dependable than these.

  3. when t10 players drop back to t8
    when t5 players play at t8

    oh t8, you provide our chat boxes with the most entertaining endless stream of vitriol ever experienced

  4. I feel the pain

  5. That hurt to watch. Anytime I see DDs head straight to the sides I know it’s going to be a rough game.

  6. How do you have the camera that far from your ship?

    • I think it’s right Ctrl +right shift + enter. Puts it in that mode I use it to look over mountains simular to the quick press M trick. I’m on my phone and not looking at my keyboard sorry if my instructions are off. But that’s how I remember it.

    • there are mods that can extend your FoV

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      He also plays on bigger screen. The maximized minimap but still gives enough view on the right side is an obvious hint.

  7. Notser, I’m a DD main. I’ve gotten super leary about trying for cap early because it just still super rare that players on my own team are positioned where they can support me while I attempt the cap. Most of the times I get sunk it’s being focused by 3-5 ships that are not being shot at at all.. so until my own team has unscrewed their brains and moved to where they can support its a no go. If the cruisers and the BB’s are going to play selfish then why should I risk myself for something they are in no position to support much less keep? I see far to many BB’s that never even get close to secondary range and never EVER get out forward and visible, be a target use their armor, use their heal and take the risks. Most players are CRAPPY shots so sitting far back where they are not at risk is usually beyond the range where they can pile on the damage by HITTING the target. It can be stupidly frustrating not seeing players use their ships anywhere close to their full potential.

    • I love all those bad BBs you comment on. I burn them with Conq and bounce their return fire. Rinse and repeat, it’s so easy.

    • Generally, BBs are supposed to tank in this game. American BBs can do this pretty well, if they remained properly angled. I would not try to tank in a Yamato or Musashi because of the large, sore thumb citadels beneath every turret. They are much better at long range fire support. The Nagato and the Amagi do well, again, if properly angled. They are pretty tough BBs. German BBs are good at brawling mainly because they either have torpedoes or good secondaries, and turtleback armor. Their poor dispersion and thin deck armor make for bad long range fire support.

    • Learn radar ships, the duration of them an look at the map . You can doo so much around a cap , bait radars and eventually cap.

      If you have many enemies around you and a radar, try a reverse cap.
      Rushing in and complaining about teammates… srsly I see many dds doing that and noone on your team can help you charging into caps like a madman.

      But yes, never ever expect your team to be useful, but try the best on your own!

      Check my stats if you like: MasterEraserCoH

    • let me clarify.. there are players that get stuck in in BB’s but they are rare..there are CA that get stuck in… um they’re almost more rare. Whats gets me sunk more often then not is one grid square from the cap all ready committed to running in and everyone runs behind an island… yea.. I watch more carefully these days.. if the capitals are not out where they can shoot at what shoots at me.. I don’t go in unless I’m damd sure I don’t have a fight I cannot control. I will take my chances.. but early commiting to taking a cap is a crap shoot at bad odds any more, especially once you hit radars ships starting at some tier VII premium and all over the place from tier VIII on. But I cannot predict the future.. don’t know what the team is going to do at the start of the map so caution becomes the rule of the day. I stay much closer to teams ships these day, and that even in my IJN no smoke torp boats. But if I have no support, I dont go grabb’n caps unless the opposition is mostly dead and cannot interfere or is being delt with by the team and being kept well distracted. I’ll be happy to lead a team to a win… “IF” they will follow.
      I cant make them follow.

  8. Christopher Wilson

    noster must be hanging with flamu.  I did not hear one comment on the DD player “maybe he is just there for fun” that you typically hear in previous replays about bad players.  Not disagreeing with the assessment, just giving Noster a poke. lol

  9. player base nowadays
    >take IJN DD
    >go to map borders and torp the enemy

    • Had this retard in a Yugumo a week ago. 2 DD’s per team. (I was the other) i spawned at the flank and headed for the cap. This asshole spawned in the middle. Immidiately abandoned this team mates and headed for the flank where i was already. I went to middle to support (Wich was already to late) And this ignorant f cried about how bad his team was (even in general chat) Really?

    • Head to cap realise 5 minutes in no one else on team has moved from spawn yet as enemy team BB’s and cruisers push into cap you mean.

    • had a Z-46 in my team…ignores the cap…just lets enemy cap it freely. i die with my BB when the Z is FAR behind me with full hp, forcing me to melle a shima. hate those team hampering DD players

    • >Finish in the Top 3 and get rewarded
      …seems like a valid strategy

  10. Caught a stationary Gearing loitering around their central cap with my Minotaur today, 6 seconds from losing the match. Literally killed him exactly as the match ended to secure the victory – to the sweet, imaginary sound of someone smashing their keyboard to bits. All he had to do was sail away, especially since he could definitely see me approaching long before I saw him. It really is a one-in-a-million moment, but so worth the nerve-wrecking 20 minutes that lead up to it.

  11. The Legion of Rome

    Umm, Notser I think you just suffered from the Jingles effect. The enemy Charles Martel died to the torps of the Mogami, unless the mogami became a dd suddenly

  12. the horror. the horror!

  13. So funny!!! Everytime Notser says rutintutin Vladimir Putin feels like he’s trying to cast a spell haha

  14. Wow, this game was incredibly awful xD

    • Typical Wows game, can’t change the culture. That would require voting on Tking someone with no penalty, majority wins.

  15. I have so many of these games, clearly winning..then i look at mini map and my team decides they just gonna rush in, and die 1 at a time, until the win is a lose!

  16. I had a battle like this Sunday night. I was in the Aigle, slipped into a cap…sank an enemy dd, get the cap. Start prowling around for unsuspecting targets, set a few fires, then suddenly realized it was 2 dd vs 3 bb/ca. We were ahead on points, clock winding down. Yep, time to go ghost. The other dd decided to take shots at the enemy Tirpitz…know how that ended. Chat was all “dd should have torped the bbs”, “bet they die/throw the match”, etc. Needless to say, shook her moneymaker to dodge incoming fire, won by 32 points. Learned by watching vids + a little common sense…if you have a big lead, clock winding down, haul ass and hide, especially in a dd. I’ve only been playing since November too.

  17. Chat behavior says so much about the players, much more than their gameplay does.

  18. RutinTootinVladimirPutin best player name i’ve seen in a long time 🙂

  19. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    I love the Vanguard, it’s such a great ship. With that manouverability, accurate and quick turning guns and decent concealment it’s so much fun to play.

  20. People tend to pay attention to other players and just start to judge from then on AFTER THEY DIE

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