GASCOGNE french premium MAX DAMAGE || World of Warships

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  1. DMG Record for this Ship ?

  2. i have it and i can say nice play by Xquzz x)

  3. Grande!!! Saluti da Siciliano 75!!

  4. This ship’s accuracy is laughable, but hey, at least it can brawl, i guess…

  5. Risheen Mukherjee

    There is nothing more frustrating than guns that refuse to hit anywhere near where you are targetting.

  6. Lyon blapping a Fiji? Never seen it before! XD

  7. why are there so many players not using the 2nd turret at other targets where they don’t even have to turn for? right side so many targets for rear turret. ust it :).

  8. The player has alzheimer? That screen shakes non stop.

  9. Impressive. I personally quite like this ship. Wish the AA was a bit better, but other than that, she’s fast, agile, guns have excellent pen … she is an amazing ship to flank with. Much better investment on my part that Roma, although that could be fixed simply by dropping her citadel to the waterline.

  10. Do you think he had manual secondaries? Its a bit hard to tell but the number of hits and fires is pretty good.

    Secondary build seems viable

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