Gascogne Preview – A Deeper look at AP on this World of Warships T8 Premium French BB

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My first of the left much to be desired. So much so that I did the ship a disservice. This second, deeper look delves in to the on this .

I think you will find the AP on this is very potent, if not inaccurate. Fortunately, there are two ways to play this ship.


  1. Now that I heard you say Gaston I will be hearing that song every time I see this BB. “Nooooo one hits like Gascogne, no one cits like Gascogne, no one’s boost is as incredibly quick as Gascogne’s. ‘I’m especially good at torpedobeating!’
    My what a ship that Gascogne!”

    Now I have to finish the song. Dangit.

  2. *Gas-coin

    But I’ll settle for Gas Can. 😉

  3. You said it Zoup. You finally said what we’ve all known for a long time. If you’re a lesser skilled player, use this as an HE ship. That’s what is so maddening about battleships that use HE only. Using HE only in a battleship is an admission of being a bad player. Unfortunately, it’s also quite effective.

  4. “its a good ship” bow gets overmatched by new mexico

    • xxcrysiscgx _ he wasn’t overmatched. T8+ BBS can only be overmatched by Yamato and Mushasi. The New Mex hit his superstructure.

    • Hit either superstructure or front secondary turret barbette. Yesterday while I was testing her, I got citadelled via the secondary barbette by a Roma.

    • The armor in general on this ship is trash. IFHE spamming ships are gonna shred this boat.

  5. Wait
    Gascan has history? I mean, maybe as an old piece of paper but I don’t see who would like that…

  6. Zoup, please tell me you did not get a nasty e-mail from WG,regarding your previous post about the ship…and this is a bit of back peddling…say it ain’t so.

  7. 13:13 “Players might be upset by its inaccuracy” he says, as he takes nearly 40K off a Roma with one salvo. :p

  8. I’m very disappointed with your reviews lately. You dont talk about armor models, citadel placement, dispersion, shell integrity (krupp), utilities, potential problems when it comes to matchmaking …. Its too bad. Your “feeling” about a ship, as important as they may be, are not enough for others to make a calculated, carefully thought decision in regards to whether or not they should spend money on it.

  9. Alexander Nenninger

    “Good ship” implies there are situations where you’d want to use it over all of the other T8 BBs. I could not think of one

  10. Josy Naemi Köhler

    Looks pretty pointless. Like a Tirpitz/ Bismarck, but lacking the armor and tools.
    Armor is worse, secondaries are not that great, no torps or hydro (Depending on which Bismarck sister you compare it to), bad reload time.
    But what she does have does not help: The Speedboost is prettymuch a pointless thingy for BBs, and the range… Well you don’t use the Bismarcks at 21+ KMs, and that thing has the same dispersion. No need for such a ridiculously long range, where you don’t hit a damn.

    Which brings me to the next point: According the Dev blog, thy are supposed to be secondary ships. Where they lack the armor, and are strait up worse than the Bismarcks. And then they got the range… for what, except blowing their cover.
    What is she good for?

  11. 380mm can easily overmatch most cruiser armor as it can overmatch 25mm.

  12. sounds more like a T8 Dunkirk the more people play it. Shot Gun!

  13. “…and you want to purchase Gascogne because…you like the history of this battleship…[sic].

    Uhh, FYI Zoup, this ship was never built. I will grant you she was an actual design, but still.

  14. The Gas-con, more power creep, BB’s with speed boost? There is nothing that gives french BB’s anything, the quad guns step up is very inaccurate, and 30KM is crazy did they not learn their lesson with the HMS conqueror?

  15. still a steaming pile of shit

  16. To be honest, I’ll be picking her up. Unlike the rest of these fools who want gimmicky premiums, I like the way Gascogne looks, and her play-style will be unique compared to Sniper/Brawler/Bow-camper. It’s something I am looking forward to and learning how to make work. (This coming from a guy who loves his Izumo.)

  17. I know the french line is mostly hated but I love the ships

    Fast sailing
    Fast reload
    Fast gun 180
    Amazing grouping

    I’ll be honest I’ll do some BB games but to me the bread and butter of WoWS is the Destroyer and Cruiser gameplay. Started with Cruisers and moved to DD’s which was everything I loved about CC’s but faster and more agile. In fact my first real ship I wanted was the Cleveland I looked forward to that ship from the start of the game and I wanted that AA. To me the French tier 5 Cruiser is superior to the Cleveland in all ways be it speed, agility, 180 gun traverse, shot grouping, etc I absolutely love the French line so it pains me to see a French BB with pour grouping but to be honest it had to have some drawback and with the speed and range this ship is actually pretty nice.

  18. How is your sister in law doing in game???

  19. Heaven forbid you break out with emotions on a stream. No worries here dude, I hope you have a good New Year even though it just started. Be yourself, that’s what makes you fun to watch and comments ffrom you.

  20. It’s not hard to citadel Cruisers close to you, You just need to AIM! A shoot that goes throw the citadel is a citadel hit, it can’t over penatrate man.

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